How is Metaverse changing the content game and how can brand and content creators keep up

Vaibhav Pathak, Co-Founder, The Girlfriend Box, writes how the metaverse is the natural progression from the internet and in the coming days virtual worlds will emerge, and users will immerse themselves in them

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Vaibhav Pathak

Following Facebook's rebranding as Meta, the phrase "Metaverse" gained new traction, although no one knew what it meant. For many years, there has been a lot of speculation about how the internet and technologies will progress. Imagine being able to build your ideal alter-ego in a virtual environment where you have complete power. You can do whatever you want, possess whatever you want, and your options are nearly endless.

People can work, socialise, transact, play, and even create in the metaverse, which is a highly scalable, persistent network of interconnected virtual worlds focused on real-time interaction. 

In the world of technology, the metaverse is the latest buzzword. The metaverse has various advantages for the general population because it focuses on bringing Virtual Reality closer to actual experience. It will also strengthen the eLearning industry and we can get a step closer to designing the metaverse by incorporating VR and AR technologies into eLearning programmes. The Metaverse is an immersive digital world that certain predictions could be a future source of humans interacting with one another, it has been explored by media and entertainment companies, including television broadcasters, film production houses, and music labels. Also, many of the world’s largest media and entertainment businesses are now exploring metaverse experiences and events as a method to engage their fans and audiences.

A good Metaverse implementation has seven layers, with infrastructure at the bottom and human experience management at the top. The future of the metaverse is also based on the idea as creators from all over the world will be joining, and will be wanting to open more businesses without interruption from a single community or corporation outlets on the broader metaverse, just as they do on the internet today (although the internet is centralised by search engine providers). The interesting thing about virtual influencers is that who or what they can be is limitless. As a result, any brand or company can thrive in the virtual world. It's all about establishing the perfect tone and technique to connect with a specific audience. It's not a surprise that some of the world's most well-known businesses are expanding their presence in the metaverse in order to ensure that they have a powerful presence as it becomes increasingly defined in the virtual universe

The metaverse has unquestionably generated the most buzz of any new technology trend. Many IT firms claim to be metaverse firms, and others are developing metaverse platforms to enhance consumers' virtual and physical realities. Furthermore, the viability of metaverse business opportunities is largely dependent on the execution of activities such as.

- With immersive e-commerce, you may shop in virtual commercial stores and malls.

- Purchasing digital avatar clothing, accessories, and other antiques.

- Buying NFTs for visual art, assets, and collectibles.

- Buying and selling digital real estate, as well as creating virtual dwellings.

The metaverse is the natural progression from the internet. From the early days when you could only read what was already out there, to the age of social media and the creators' economy, to the virtual world's integration into our own, we've come a long way. The internet's and information age's trajectory is clear: virtual worlds will emerge, and users will immerse themselves in them.

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