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Consistency in the long run is the key to fetching ROI through influencer marketing. The omnichannel beauty and personal care brand Nykaa has always been consistent not just in influencer marketing but it also made sure that it creates long-term partnerships with the influencers on board in order to garner consumers' trust and increase engagement.

In one of the previous interactions with, Madhavi Irani, Chief Officer, Content, Nykaa, said, “Brands need to stop looking at short-term gains and look at the potential to really build trust and loyalty that comes from using an influencer who truly fits the bill.  Audiences today can smell a push from a mile off. Only when they see an influencer’s (they look up to) devotion to a brand over an extended period, are they convinced that it is a genuine belief in the product and not fake enthusiasm.”

She further said, “Sticking with an influencer who truly aligns with the brand ethos for prolonged periods makes it far easier to highlight various aspects of the brand offering and appeal to different audience segments.  Once brands see the long-term gains of doing so, the situation can be turned around.” 

Another thing to be noticed about the brand’s influencer-led content strategy is that it has always had influencers on board who have following less than five lakh. The brand has maintained its relationship with these followers as its working for it. They are giving expected results to the brands resulting in consistent long-term influencers-brand partnerships.

Sheeko Brandscore graph showing the range of reach in which Nykaa influencers fall:

In a most recent example, Nykaa collaborated with influencers for the promotion of its newly launched Clay it Cool mask range. The influencers posted pictures posing with the masks, reviews and also created a lot of ‘How to use’ videos using the mask. The brand deliberately chose to work with female influencers for the brand’s promotional activity as the female influencers provide more authenticity to beauty brands.

Influencers posts for the launch of Clay it Cool mask by Nykaa:

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Even after the brand resorted to the most basic form of influencer marketing, the brand was able to garner more than three million reach in just two days. The brand’s media value for the campaign is pegged between Rs 5-7 lakh. It is also seen from the graph that the brand has been consistent in its influencer marketing and do it at short intervals using female influencers across the categories.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of Nykaa’s influencer marketing activity for the promotion of Clay it Cool mask:

Giving some insights into how brands can fully capitalise on influencer marketing, Irani said, “For brands looking to truly capitalise on an influencer’s reach long term, it’s important for them to use deep metrics and analyse the influencer’s audience demographics, engagement and growth rate to ensure they are making a sustainable choice and that both—the brand and influencer—will continue to grow over time.”