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Plum, the vegan beauty and skincare brand, has used influencer marketing quite extensively to promote and maximise visibility for all its products. The brand has recently run a number of campaigns for its popular products like Plum Vitamin C Serum, Plum Green Tea Face Wash, Grape Seed and Buckthorn Oil.

The brand roped in influencers like Ankush Bahaguna, Dolly Singh, Vipasha Malholtra to promote their Plum Green Tea Face Wash. Positioned as an anti-acne solution, the brand created edutainment content to leverage relatability around acne and introduce their face wash as a solution. The brand collaborated with comedians, singers and entertainment influencers to create humorous content around acne conversation.

 The campaign focused on educating people about acne through humour.

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For their Vitamin C serum, one of the bestselling products according to the brand, they roped in 650+ influencers across Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi etc, besides the English- speaking influencers. The brand collaborated with beauty influencers like Jovita George, Ankita Chaturvedi, Chetali Chadha, Shweta Vijay Nair, Mrunal Panchal, Debasree, Nitibha Kaul and also leveraged celebrities like Shraddha Arya, Alaya F, Krystal D’Souza etc, to raise awareness about the product. The campaign recorded a total of 14 million views and an engagement rate of 8%. 

Shivani Behl

Shivani Behl, CMO- Plum, said influencer marketing is a key part of their media plans and a substantial amount is spent on it. “Influencer marketing is key to drive awareness and engagement. We allocate approximately 25-30% of our top of funnel spends towards the same.”

They have also collaborated with beauty influencers across the English and vernacular markets like Jovita George, Ankita Chaturvedi to build credibility and prove the efficiency of their products.

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Ishan Jindal

Ishan Jindal, Founder and CEO of Wobb, who has worked with Plum on various campaigns said, “I feel like right now with so many new players coming in and to be able to spread the word, you have to go with a large number of influencers. When you are trying to differentiate you want to play on scale. As an organisation, we believe that at Wobb our speciality lies in doing large-scale campaigns.”

Like Wobb, Plum partners with a number of influencer marketing and hiring agencies for its campaigns. 

Plum has also recently launched #PlumSquad, their content creator program, which is essentially a contest for budding creators. It aims to leverage the enormous talent pool within the beauty and skincare community. For the contest, creators were required to make beauty vlogs, tutorials, capture skin or hair care routines and tag the brand along with the brand’s sticker on social media. 

After some more formalities, five candidates were to be selected who would be known as Plum Squad. The brand hopes to onboard Plum Squad as full-time employees and make them work closely with the marketing team at Plum Headquarters. Speaking about the idea behind this, Behl said they want to empower talent and also educate consumers. 

“The idea of creating Plum Squad is to not just about Plum but also about educating consumers about beauty in general. Today all the brands are just trying to promote their products. No one is trying to simplify beauty. We want to demystify beautify from a consumer’s perspective,” Behl said.  

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