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In today's digital age, RJs are more than just voices on the radio; they are content creators, community builders, and influencers who use social media to elevate radio engagement. Through personal branding, real-time interaction, content teasers, behind-the-scenes insights, contests, social advocacy, and a multi-platform presence, RJs can forge deeper connections with their audience, making radio a dynamic and interactive experience. As social media continues to evolve, so will the ways RJs engage their listeners, ensuring that radio remains a relevant and cherished medium for years to come.

Earlier, we illuminated the evolving landscape created by the transition from RJ to content creators, analysed the enduring effects of radio personalities venturing into content creation, and explored various aspects of this transformation.

Viraj Sheth

Viraj Sheth, CEO and Co-Founder of Monk Entertainment believes that the future of radio and content creation in India will likely involve a convergence of platforms and technologies. Radio channels, to name a few, are already integrating more with digital content, offering live streaming, interactive experiences, and on-demand content.

“Emerging trends include AI-driven content curation, interactive podcasts, and immersive experiences; virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) may also play a role in enhancing user engagement. As an influencer management, content, and marketing company, we anticipate a seamless integration of traditional media and the digital creator economy, providing exciting opportunities for RJs and content creators to excel in this ever-evolving landscape,” he added.

Kartik Kalla

Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City, also highlighted that when RJs successfully transition into content creators and manage to bring their dedicated followers along to their new platforms, it yields several significant benefits for the channel. Firstly, this audience migration ensures that the audiences remain engaged with RJ's content, albeit in newer formats, thus maintaining a connection with RJ's brand. Moreover, it opens up opportunities for extended brand partnerships and advertising revenue.

“Advertisers can tap into the RJ's existing audience, which has now migrated to the new platform, thereby expanding the reach of their campaigns. Cross-promotion is another valuable aspect. RJs often promote our radio channel during their content creation endeavours, which can lead to increased listenership and engagement on radio, ultimately enhancing advertising revenue. Additionally, this transition enables content diversification, attracting new advertisers looking to reach different demographics and audiences through the RJ's new content,” Kalla said.

Lastly, RJ's presence on digital platforms fosters deeper audience engagement, allowing stickiness and a more interactive experience, resulting in increased listener loyalty, higher digital advertising revenue, and even growth in traditional radio listenership. Thus, the successful transition of RJs into content creators benefits our channel in terms of revenue, engagement, and content diversification, he added.

Anushka Mohite

Anushka Mohite, Creative Manager, Pollen (Zoo Media), also said that the future of radio and content creation is likely to be a hybrid model.

“Traditional radio will coexist with digital platforms, and RJs will play a crucial role in bridging this gap. Emerging trends and technologies, such as AI-driven content personalisation, interactive broadcasting, and immersive audio experiences (e.g., spatial audio), will shape this landscape. Radio channels that adapt to these changes, foster online communities, and invest in creative content will remain relevant and continue to thrive in the evolving media ecosystem,” she added.

Veena Janaj

Veena Janaj, Associate Vice-President - Creator Management, OML, also pointed out that everyone is already seeing radio channels be super active on social media, foraying into video content alongside the radio. We may see a lot of radio segments as video content pieces on the radio channel's social handles or even as partnerships with OTTs.

Strategies employed by RJs to bring radio listeners into their content creation journey

RJ Nethra

Radio City’s RJ Nethra said, “The digital world has crept into every aspect of our lives. If it’s not on a digital platform, then it does not exist. With such a perception, it’s natural for radio listeners to look up their favourite artists on social media. However, to keep them hooked and following you, it’s equally important to be your natural self on social media. Your audiences love to get behind the scenes and get a sneak peek into their favourite artist’s life. The moment their digital persona matches, they are glued.”

RJ Ginnie

Echoing a similar sentiment, Radio City’s RJ Ginnie emphasised that whether it’s radio or digital, the only way to get a loyal audience is to generate unique content that’s relatable, depicts you, and reflects your personality.

RJ Abhilash

Big FM’s RJ Abhilash said, "The authenticity of personality that I have built on the radio over these years has worked for me. I have never tried to show something that I am not; I am as real on air and on my social media accounts as I am in my day-to-day life, which gives a sort of consistency on both platforms. This authenticity has helped me build relationships with my listeners and my followers on social media."

RJ Salil

Radio City’s RJ Salil also said, "For me, it has always been about providing relatable content to the audience. However, I do not believe in covering topics or content that is trending. I prefer focusing on content that reflects my personality, as it helps me create a genuine and seamless engagement with my audience."

On being asked in what ways RJs' content creation venture has augmented their relationship with their current radio channel, Ginnie said, “It adds on fantastically well and exposes us to a wider audience and a different one. Also, it gives us a chance to experiment more and challenge ourselves to do something new and innovative.”

Abhilash explained that social media and radio are two different mediums, wherein, for Radio Jockeys, social media can be an extension of radio where they can connect with their listeners and fans on a more interpersonal level.

"At BIG FM, I have always been given the freedom to explore different avenues and platforms where I can entertain my fans. These opportunities have helped me grow as a content creator. I also created a different character on my social media account, which was widely popular and went viral; however, the same character would not work on my show on-air. Hence, these two platforms need to be seen differently," he added.

Meanwhile, Salil believes that in the last four to five years, the creation of authentic and relatable content has been a crucial aspect of the growth of any business, whether radio, social media, television, or OTT.

“At Radio City, I have been focusing on creating content on various relevant topics that include personal finance, real estate, Bollywood, independent music, etc., and I truly believe that good content cuts across all mediums,” he added.

Nethra said, "Radio City 91.1 FM has been a part of my life for the last 11 years. Together, we have stood the test of time. From the days when I was one of the first RJs to have a personal page on Facebook to diversifying on many other platforms and heading content for Radio City socials, it’s been a huge learning process all throughout.”