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Bhuvan Bam

The winds of change are here to influence the world of brand endorsements. Other than just using Bollywood and television celebrities in ads, brands are now realising the power of content creators and their influence.

Recently, Bhuvan Bam, known for his YouTube comedy channel BB ki Vines, has become the face for the electronic gadget brand Mivi. The first individual YouTube content creator in India to cross 10 million subscribers mark, Bam believes that digital content creators will soon be at par with Bollywood.

“It is commendable to see brands shifting from Bollywood to content creators. I think we have another three to four years to be at par with Bollywood,” Bam told

Bam, who has worked with several brands in the past, wants creative freedom from any brand partnering with him. 

“I have been lucky enough to work with brands who give me creative freedom and that’s what I feel all the other brands should do,” said Bam.

When it comes to choosing brands, Bam puts his content first. “As long as the brand doesn’t ruin my content, it is good enough to have it on-board. Otherwise, overly doing things will harm me or any other creator,” he added.

Bam claims that his content, despite using coarse language, is being accepted not only by the audience but by brands too with open arms.

“Earlier, brands were not quite open to the usage of such language. Now, they they have accepted it as another genre. We often see that in the West. It also depends on the brands. Some brands are really fine with it. They want their product to be out in the public. I don’t think language should be a barrier as long as you are not doing controversial content and insulting someone.”

Bam is open to partner with OTT platforms or television channels. “As long as the content excites me, I would not mind partnering with an OTT platform, TV or Bollywood,” he said.