Influencer marketing company Krazyfox announces expansion in international markets

Krazyfox is planning to expand its operations in Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries of the Middle-East

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Influencer marketing company Krazyfox has announced its expansion in the markets of Bangladesh, UAE and the Middle Eastern region. The expansion is backed by the growing demand for appealing and entertaining content by brands across the globe to promote their businesses.

The company has officially signed 1000+ creators and 200+ influencers in various parts of the world to deliver the best content and influencer marketing results to their customers.

Vishal Srivastava, Co-founder of Krazyfox, said, “We are glad to announce that we are taking Krazyfox globally. With this expansion, we aim to fully explore the potential of influencer marketing to engage customers across the markets of Bangladesh, the Middle East region, and India with regional content. We believe that Influencer marketing is not just a marketing tool but it is a journey of buyers from shortlisting to buying a product. With our established expertise, refined strategies, and AI-based monitoring software, we are committed to providing engaging content and enhancing the brand identity.”

As E-commerce and social media converge, GenZ is making their purchasing decisions after considering the reviews of the influencers they follow. Therefore, it becomes necessary for brands to reinforce their brand and foster credibility through effective campaigns and content strategies. Krazyfox’is growing at a fast pace and has an ambitious goal of starting operations in Europe and the US markets in the coming 2-3 years.

Srivastava added, “This is just the beginning chapter for the influencer marketing industry. As an established company in the industry, we believe that it will grow by 2000% in the coming 2-3 years. We are already working in the Bangladesh market with the leading short video platform Snack Video. Besides, we are collaborating with other internet companies as well.”

Ozair Yermal, Co-founder of Krazyfox, said, “We are proud to share that from a small office, Krazyfox is expanding globally in a short duration of one year. We are opening our local offices in Dubai, Turkey & Bangladesh markets to offer better support to our existing and new clients. This industry was growing even before the pandemic but after the lockdowns, it has witnessed exponential growth. The brands register the importance of video-based content to sell their product and they are separately focusing and allocating funds for it. The influencer marketing industry bolsters and creates brand awareness among people via various campaigns and delivering the brand’s idea directly to target customers. We as a brand alone onboarded more than 50 companies with us and run many successful campaigns. We believe that taking our business into different markets will help brands and startups to gain the trust of their target customers.”

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