Influencer marketing trends to expect in 2023

Anushree Jain, Co-founder of SocialTag, shares the key changes which will be seen in the influencer marketing space, including how creators will themselves become brands

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Anushree Jain

Influencer marketing will continue to expand and soar in 2023, with brands serving as their bodies and influencers as its soul.

The year 2023 holds a lot of promise as more and more customers resort to online shopping to fulfil their demands. More brands and sectors are becoming aware of the advantages of organic influencer marketing versus advertising. According to a report by The Social Shepherd in 2022, 61% of consumers believe recommendations from influencers.

So, is this all that influencer marketing had for us? Not really. Instead, it will only continue to improve and grow. In 2023, you can anticipate the following:

Macro and nano creators will witness massive growth: These influencers have active and engaging communities with better conversion rates and can be used by brands to make their product recommendations more genuine. In the next few years, businesses will focus even more on these creators by giving them various chances to grow and boost their income. They'll pay more attention to engagement rates than the number of followers the creator has.

Creators will become brands themselves: Since creators have a huge consumer base, many influencers were seen monetising their audiences and launching their ventures. As social commerce is also increasing, they use transparency and personalisation as some of the tactics to generate more revenue. Some items included food products, cosmetics, and merchandise and will only expand in the future. 

Influencers will niche down further to build a much stronger community: Everyone is working on scaling down their niche according to what interests them, not just to build expertise but also because it helps enhance personal branding. However, with increasing competition, one has to get more creative with content to ensure one stands out. As a result, certain niches are becoming even more split, such as fashion and finance or the keto diet.

Brands will hire influencers as their creative directors: As brands work to increase their revenue significantly, they will reach out to influencers not just for a few partnerships but for longer projects aiming at much bigger revenue goals. As it takes time to scale, brand strategies will host in-house influencers by not just allowing the creators to expand their reach but also seeing an increase in company profits. Long-term marketing will not only be more successful, but they will also forge stronger relationships, much like brand ambassadors.

Prioritising sustainability: Consumers trust those who they watch and consume daily. Brands and influencers must attempt to reframe their positioning through the lens of sustainability as customers become more aware of the products they buy. Influencers and brands will benefit greatly from sustainability. 

The return of long-format content: We observed all forms of content in 2022, including Reels, TikToks, and small videos that were even reduced to 30 to 60 seconds. However, long-form content will return in 2023. Long-form information increases the watch time, has greater significance, and keeps the reader more interested. Brands may utilise this wisely to develop a content strategy and successfully sell their goods and services. 

With more than 50 million influencers worldwide, influencer marketing has made brand collaborations, sponsored parties, Bollywood movie promotions, fashion weeks, and sponsored trips around the globe a real thing. The market has been investing heavily to support India's creative economy as entertainment emerges as the next big thing, and 2023 will see the beginning of influencer marketing's professionalisation.

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