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Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear foaming face wash’s latest campaign, #UnbottleApnaSwag, has leveraged TikTok’s power of user-generated content (UGC) to connect with teenagers. Clean & Clear wants teens to express whoever they are – a studious girl, a foodie or a talkative girl.

The brand created rap songs around ‘Fun, Bakbak, Bindaas, Foodie and Padhaku’ teenage personalities, which were hosted on TikTok. Clean & Clear used TikTok influencers to kick-start the campaign and show teens, girls, how to ‘UnbottleApnaSwag’.

Sameer Lal

Talking about the brand’s objective to use TikTok as a platform to generate UGC, Sameer Lal, Beauty Franchise Head, Consumer India, Johnson & Johnson, said, “As part of our content ecosystem, TikTok and Instagram are the primary UGC platforms where teens are found nowadays. The objective of the initiative is to create a stronger bond for Clean & Clear with teenagers. By creating content that spoke to different teen personalities, we not only hoped to connect with teenagers more deeply but also to make each of these personalities ‘cool’. Thus encouraging teens to be who they are proud of.”

The hashtag #UnBottleApnaSwag garnered over six billion views. Over 11,500 videos were created on TikTok, wherein participants used the brand’s raps songs.

The brand promoted the #UnbottleApnaSwag challenge on TikTok that generated a lot of interest as soon as it began. 10 videos were selected and top TikTok stars featured these as duets on their page.

Clean & Clear also launched videos that build awareness for each of the different personalities and their respective limited edition bottles on TV, Facebook, YouTube, OTT and other platforms.