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Celebrated on the third Sunday of June across the world, this year’s Father’s Day campaigns portrayed a mixed bag of emotions. From showing a millennial making his father laugh amid the coronavirus gloom to painting a father-daughter love and one where a person becomes a father during lockdown, the relatable content pieces for the special day were built mostly on consumer insights in the Covid-19 lockdown.

Manforce Condoms’ #BetterEndings 

During the lockdown, couples are stuck together at home with a lot of time to spend with each other. The emotions and hormones are at an all-time high, and any slight hint can lead to the land of pleasure. Manforce Condoms have come up with their Manforce flavours of quirky and fun, revolving around the Father’s Day campaign, to drive home the point that all this pleasure should not be without protection. The #BetterEndings campaign has been conceptualised and executed by Grapes Digital.  

The campaign video revolves around all the fun that people are having during the lockdown days but also warning them against the fatherhood situation that they will land in if they do not use protection.

Times of India#Reverse Parenting

The campaign created by Wunderman Thompson India for TOI captures the need for empowering senior citizens to live happily in the new-normal with social distancing norms.

Reinterpreting the child and parent equation through the idea of #ReverseParenting, the campaign touches upon the changing codes of socialisation, connections and celebrations in the era of social distancing. TOI narrates a heartfelt story of a father and son living through the pandemic restrictions. In these testing times, the film serves as a timely reminder to the audience to care for those who’ve made us what we are today. The film touches upon the confinement struggles of the older generation and ends with the son introducing his father to the new norms of socialising enabled through technology.

Adhiraj Constructions: The man who can balance everything

Adhiraj Constructions wanted to celebrate the ‘man of the house’ uniquely, and the film by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi India did that by capturing the childhood memories of dads in an animated format.

Instead of an overly emotional film, the approach was to tug the heartstrings gently. This inspired the agency to use animation as the medium, something millennials have experienced in their childhood. The film uses a moustache as a symbolic representation of dads and recreates dad-child memories around it. 

The campaign video: 

Titan’s Mere Papa

Titan launched a digital campaign ‘Mere Papa’, presenting a refreshing new take on the concept of fatherhood. The digital film is an ode to all father-figures. The film shows the story of a child and his relationship with his father from the first-person point of view. It captures the father taking care of the child — playing with him, protecting him and pampering him with gifts. He takes care of the child and works tirelessly to make him feel happy and safe. Towards the end, the film reveals that the story was told from a pet’s perspective and showcases the beautiful relationship between the father and the pet child.

Paree’s #Papa vs PMS, #PapaKiParee

Paree, a home-grown feminine hygiene brand, has unveiled a new digital film that celebrates the unconditional love and bond that a father and daughter share. #PapaKiParee focuses on the role of a father in understanding his daughter’s needs and prioritises them to comfort her when she’s enduring the discomfort of periods.

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance


To celebrate the bond and journey of fatherhood packed with limitless love, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance has come up with a new social media campaign on Father’s Day— #PromiseToProtect. The campaign beautifully depicts the relation, companionship and safeguarding of his child and family by a father. The video narrates the story of a family facing the present pandemic and lockdown scenario where the father is spending quality time with his daughter. He is playing with her, protecting her, teaching her various things and at the same time keeping the promise to protect her always. It encapsulates the father’s instinct to protect those he loves — sometimes tender and loving and sometimes sharp and sturdy. Towards the end, while the father wants to step out for the family in a given situation, the daughter endearingly reminds her father to wear a mask to protect himself too, silently making a #PromiseToProtect her father.

SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa 

SBI Life Insurance, a private life insurer, unveiled an emotive campaign under its digital property #PapaHainNa in the form of a lyric video sung and performed by playback singer Shaan along with his two sons Soham and Shubh.  Highlighting the peculiar newfound fatherhood that has emerged during this lockdown, the #PapaHainNa campaign commemorates the contribution of fathers who have all along stood by their family as a reassuring immunity against unforeseen difficulties.

The video: 

Wakefit’s Papa Toh Papa Hote Hai

From guiding tiny, fumbling steps to fulfilling their kid’s every demand to lending a sense of security, fathers have always held a special place in children’s lives. This Father’s Day, invites us to reminisce about the wonderful experiences shared with dads in a campaign titled ‘Papa Toh Papa Hote Hai’. Fathers trying to put their infants to sleep but dozing off themselves, fathers trying to sneak chocolate to their kids without the mom noticing is the vivid imagery used in the heart-warming and humorous film. It endeavours to bring out the adorable side of the doting father.

The video will be complemented by the launch of’s podcast series, which kicked off with mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik, who will share bedtime stories about princesses and their fathers. Tales of a princess and the pea will regale listeners and share how fathers went out of their way to get nothing but the best for their princesses. The podcast will be available on’s YouTube, social media channels as well as on Spotify.

Father’s Day video

Luminous Power Technologies#PapaKnowsEverything

Luminous Power Technologies pays tribute to all the incredible, humble and caring men turned into ‘Heroes’.  In a heart-warming message by Aparshakti Khurana, the brand urges everyone to express their gratitude and love for the most beautiful person on this earth who protected silently from all adversities and understood every unspoken emotion because of #PapaKnowsEverything. This video acknowledges all the selfless contributions and sacrifices made by fathers for their children.

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