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As we continue to power through difficult times, we have all been glued to our screens, consuming viral content circulated on various platforms, that in several cases, is misleading and untrue. To counter this growing threat of misinformation, Mallika Dua is all set to explore a new role as news anchor Mythika Dutt who will be hosting a new show titled ‘Fake or Not?’.

Launched on the Flipkart app, the actress, comedian, and writer Mallika Dua will continue to bring forth her true essence and satirical comedy as she explores this new avatar.

In an attempt to curb the spread of misinformation and help people identify real from fake, Flipkart Video in support of the United Nations’ ‘Verified’ campaign is launching this new show, aimed at educating users by debunking fake content, while encouraging them to be mindful of the news and information they come across. Many questions that are part of the show will address common misconceptions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mythika Dutt - a sincere news anchor and host of ‘Fake or Not?’, is committed to tackle fake news and fight ignorance through her news segment. Along with quashing inaccurate news, the new quiz show from Flipkart Video Originals will also bust common myths that people have come to believe as facts, with a fun twist. Did you know that the humble peanut is not a nut? Or that the full form of 'SOS' is not Save Our Souls! ‘Fake or Not?’ combines many such surprising answers and engaging content.

“People today are so easily misinformed with all the viral content flooding social media. It has been great taking on a new role, playing Mythika Dutt, to address this. True to the character, I am determined to fight misconceptions as I keep viewers informed through the light-hearted and engaging format of the show. This is such a great initiative by Flipkart Video to educate people and the twist of comedy makes the show entertaining, while still driving awareness to question the source and credibility of the information. The show is definitely the need of the hour and I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds.” said the show’s host Dua.

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