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Mastercard India and Do Your Thng (DYT), the influencer marketing platform, announced their association for their ongoing campaign #TravelWithMastercard that allows customers to earn cashback on international spends and make the most of their vacation. The collaboration between DYT and Mastercard India will help in identifying genuine brand advocates and creating a community that fosters authentic conversations about their travel experiences.

The association between Do Your Thng and Mastercard moves beyond perks and cashback and focuses on real stories of international travellers. DYT, a new entrant in the field of influencer marketing, believes in the power of creators. Their approach is to empower creators to follow their passion and live what they love.

Commenting on the association, Ankit Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Do Your Thng, said, “For DYT, the creator comes first. It is their stories that we want out there. And by creators, we mean genuine and everyday people. These are individuals to whom friends, family, and colleagues listen to, closely. DYT simply magnifies their voices. The #TravelWithMastercard campaign is a brilliant and welcome approach to it. Through DYT, unalloyed travel experiences touch a broader audience, and through Mastercard, the creator gets a bonus for doing what they love.”

Commenting on the #TravelWithMastercard Campaign with DYT, Manasi Narasimhan, Vice-President, Marketing and Communications, South Asia, Mastercard, said, “Travellers using Mastercard cards were already earning cashback, but the organisation wanted an avenue that draws out candid travel experiences. The #TravelWithMastercard campaign, in partnership with DYT, offers just that. The campaign has been able to reach out to over a million people via genuine stories and experiences from travellers.”

Sanjeev Patel, Associate Media Director, Carat Media said, “Today, we are seeing the engagement of micro and nano influencers on the top. They have the top engagement rates in the game. Thus, with DYT, #TravelWithMastercard campaign, we aim to bring in more engagement and authenticity to the entire campaign.”