McDonald's and Domino's go for influencer marketing to inform consumers about hygiene practices during coronavirus crisis

McDonald's chose to work with only food bloggers, Domino's preferred to collaborate with influencers across genres

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At a scary time when the deadly coronavirus is spreading across the world, people have become cautious of hygiene practices followed by eating joints and restaurant chains. They are refraining themselves from going out or getting food from outside. So to keep the ball rolling, a few restaurant chains and food-related brands have resorted to various marketing tactics to win the trust of consumers.

In such a scenario, the most authentic and credible form of marketing can only be influencer marketing. The influencers have a loyal following and when they post about a brand, their followers tend to trust him or her more compared to the brands directly talking to them.

McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza too resorted to influencer marketing to spread the word around the hygiene and healthy practices being followed by the brands.

While McDonald’s collaborated with only food bloggers to create videos and post images of McDonald’s hygiene practices, Domino’s chose to work with a larger section of influencers who reposted the brand’s hygiene policy image on their Instagram pages.

Influencer’s post for Domino’s:

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Influencer’s post for McDonald’s:

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Domino’s was able to fetch close to six million views in an estimated spend of Rs 5-10 lakh while McDonald’s garnered three lakh views with an estimated spend pegged around Rs 1-2 lakh.

From the graph’s below, it is seen that McDonald’s is consistent with its influencer marketing strategy, while for Domino’s it is just ‘one of’ the activities done when very necessary.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of McDonald’s performance on Instagram for the campaign:

Sheeko Brandscore graph of Domino’s performance on Instagram for the campaign:

Domino’s Pizza and McDonald’s have also introduced Zero Contact Delivery across all their restaurants in the country. This service will allow customers to receive their order without coming into contact with the delivery staff.

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