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Meta kicked off the 2022 edition of its ‘Creator Day’ to celebrate creators in India and recognise the way they push culture forward on Facebook and Instagram.

The event was headlined by Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh, international creators Kili Paul and Daniel Mac, and top Indian creators including Faisal Shaikh, Jannat Zubair, Awez Darbar, and Saransh Goila. 

‘Creator Day’ is Meta's annual flagship event to celebrate creators, as they best reflect the way its platforms are used by people to share, express themselves and be entertained. The 2022 version of the event will take place across five cities - Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, and Delhi - and will be unique because of their scale and on-ground presence after two years due to the pandemic. It is also the first time, at Creator Day, that Meta provided the fans with an opportunity to meet and interact with their favourite creators - a unique engagement aimed to strengthen their relationship.

The events are organised with the philosophy that creators learn the most from their peers, and so a lot of the dialogue is creator-led. For the event in Mumbai, creators such as Faisal Shaikh, Jannat Zubair, Awez Darbar, Saransh Goila, Sakshi Shivdasani, Karan Sonawane, Saurabh Ghadge have been ambassadors for the event, with outdoor ads featuring them in different parts of Mumbai. 

At the event in Mumbai, over 500 creators were in attendance, to hear the keynotes from Ajit Mohan, MD and VP, Facebook India (Meta) and Nicola Mendelsohn, VP, Global Business Group, Meta, and see performances, including the one from actor Ranveer Singh, experience the content creation zones and all the other visual aspects of the event.

Mohan shared the context and the aim with the investments made in the creator ecosystem in India. He said, “We are big fans of creators. Everything we do, all our products and features are based on one thought: how can we empower the people who have a story to tell, an insight to share, a song to dance to? Without a doubt, a key pillar of India’s new economy is going to be built and fuelled by people like you.” 

He added, “Reels are an important product for the company and help people around the world understand each other through the language of creativity. You may be a creator or an influencer but on Reels, we believe, you are on the journey to becoming a global icon.”

Ranveer Singh, who also opened the event, said, “You all have affected, shaped , molded… dare I say, become the culture! And you did it on your own merit! Whatever we have achieved in life, is on merit …with no handouts! There are millions and millions of young people whose lives you touch every day. If I can leave you with one thing, don’t get into the numbers game. Create to express. Create for the joy of creating. Create to spread love and light.“