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Stand-up comedian and writer Zakir Khan's recital of a poem, 'Maa ke haath ka khaana', is organically gaining a lot of traction on social media and WhatsApp groups across the country.

No one had imagined that a time like this would come when nature would halt our lives completely. In such times, there are so many who are staying away from their families. Sharing this feeling of being alone, doing household work and missing 'Maa ke haath ka khaana' made with 'Ghee' and lots of love, Khan in this latest video brings forward the nostalgia of being together with his mother.

Here's the video:

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If one sees the video standalone without the social media tagging by Khan, it would be difficult to figure out that it's a branded content partnership with Mother Dairy for their on-going campaign 'Rishton ka swad badhaaye. The brand is not being forced fit in the video at all, which is helpful to bring out the emotion and the brand proposition beautifully.

The campaign has been conceptualised and executed by Wavemaker. The in-house team at the agency has written the poem recited by Khan.

Missing the flavour of food prepared by mom, feeling guilty for not learning household chores, and being sorry for not thanking mother for her selfless love and care, Khan takes the listeners on a heart-warming journey. 

Karthik Nagarajan

Karthik Nagarajan, Chief Content Officer, Wavemaker, told that they purposely did not mention the brand in the video, especially in such times when promoting the brand should not be the objective at any cost.

"The objective behind doing something around the lockdown should not be to leverage it at all costs. There has to be an organic relevance for the brand story in the consumer's life. This was an ideal case," Nagarajan said.

The video is being organically picked up by netizens when each one of us is on his/her emotional journeys, and something like this definitely relates. The video has crossed 30,000 and three lakh views on Facebook and Instagram, respectively. The video crossed 3.35 lakh views across all official channels, and the campaign #RishtonKaSwaadBadaye is trending on twitter.

Nagarajan said, "Zakir improvised on the poem beautifully, and the buzz is organically so strong that even our client's competitors were moved and started posting about it. So I doubt any further amplification is required."

This video campaign is live on Instagram and Facebook on Mother Dairy Fresh Delights page.

Sanjay Sharma

Sanjay Sharma, Business Head, Dairy Products, Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable, added, "Coronavirus and lockdown is more of an emotional challenge, especially for those away from home. In light of these troubled times, I am grateful to Zakir Khan for coming forward and associating with Mother Dairy. We are thankful for his expertise in communication, acting, and expression that has increased the campaign engagement significantly."

Talking about the insight behind the campaign, Mother Dairy spokesperson said, “When we are confined at our homes in these times of lockdown and pandemic, we have realised the importance of being together with family more than ever. This has made us feel blessed to have such a protective yet loving childhood. Food brings everyone together and created fond memories. We wanted this thought to blend in with our core proposition 'Rishton ka swaad badaye', and how ghee ki khushboo reminds us of 'Maa ke haath ka khana' in these times.”

Nagarajan said that the objective of the video was to create a brand connect during the times of lockdown, as it was very relevant to the brand. Once the agency scripted the poem, Khan was the obvious choice, given the content and the target audience.

Ajay Gupte

Ajay Gupte, CEO, South Asia, Wavemaker, said, "During the current lockdown, while some of us may be slightly better equipped, there are many who are struggling to put together a decent meal. One of the first things we dearly miss during such tough times is 'Maa ke haath ka khana'. The team has beautifully captured this emotion of the mother's unconditional love with this campaign for Mother Dairy. We are grateful to Mother Dairy for partnering with us and inspiring the team to come up with this idea."