Myntra introduces short-form video platform ‘Myntra Minis'

The new feature will enable people to engage with bite-sized videos to purchase the products highlighted in them

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Myntra has introduced Myntra Minis, its signature short-form video platform, as a part of the 18th edition of its End of Reason Sale.

The feature is inspired by the popular format of snackable videos ( 1 minute) typically created by social media platforms to highlight products across categories, new launches, and global trends that will enhance user engagement by edutaining shoppers.

The presence of short-form video content on social media has disrupted the way fashion, beauty and lifestyle content is consumed across the globe. Myntra Minis aims to bridge this gap by marrying visuals and content, adding another way of immersive shopping on the platform. 

The feature has been rolled out to more than 70% of existing users and is available on the Home Page, Beauty Page, and Myntra Studio, with plans in the pipeline to add it to all category pages. 

Led by creators, each snackable video comes with an integrated product tray that customers can interact with and browse for a particular product that they can later purchase from the same page, without any further assistance.

Almost every product category across Myntra is eligible for this feature, with segments like men and women’s ethnic, men and women’s western, beauty and personal care, and home decor being a few sought-after ones.

With the emergence of Myntra Minis, customers can now have a detailed, cinematic, and all-around look at the presentation of items they are considering, and purchase them directly. 

Currently, 80% of the existing videos are under 1 minute in duration, with over 10% aimed to be within the 2 to 3-minute mark. The overall length and format of each video depends on the type and number of products highlighted.

Arun Devanathan, Senior Director - Social Commerce, Myntra, said, “We are excited to launch Myntra Minis, an industry-first feature that combines the engagement of short-form content with the convenience of inspiration-led instant shopping. As we go deeper in building for our thriving base of young, trend-first shoppers, snackable videos that help them in their discovery of trends and brands felt like a fitting feature to introduce, especially as it gains popularity as a preferred content consumption medium. Myntra Minis is poised to revolutionize the way you delve into the world of fashion and beauty, enabling you to create exceptional, on-trend looks that reflect your individualistic sense of style.”

As of now, 70+ brands are using the feature with the number increasing daily. The feature will allow brands to engage with consumers in innovative ways to showcase products and scale of their selection.

So far, more than 5000 videos have been uploaded, with 1000 of those being directly created by the brands themselves. 

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