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In the last story, discussed that in the rut of latching on to trending videos, content creators and brands must not sideline their voice and create content for which the audience loves them. In this story, experts share actionable insights on how content creators and brands must go about achieving the same.

Both brands and content creators can benefit from aligning with social media trends, as it can help them reach a broader audience and increase engagement.

Kulbir Sachdev

Kulbir Sachdev, Founder and CEO, Voxxy Media, said, “Following social media trends is crucial for brands and creators as it allows them to stay relevant and engaged with their target audience. By participating in popular trends, they can demonstrate their understanding of current interests and preferences, fostering a stronger connection with their followers. Moreover, trending content often has a wider reach and potential for virality, enabling brands and creators to amplify their message and increase visibility.”

Here's how brands and content creators can approach social media trends effectively:

Authenticity matters

While participating in a trend, be authentic and genuine. Authenticity builds trust with your audience. Avoid using trends solely for promotional purposes, as it can come off as insincere.

Kalyan Kumar

Kalyan Kumar, Co-Founder, Klug Klug India, said, “Be yourself to the extent you can. Always remember what your consumer or audience likes about your content. Notice the little victories that have made you what you are today as a brand or an influencer. While using tactical manoeuvres like trending content, trending topics, trending hashtags, don’t forget to add your angle to it.”

Shilpa Chaudhary

Shilpa Chaudhary, Content Creator and an actor, said, “As a creator, it's about storytelling. Your authenticity will resonate with your audience. Understand your audience and create content that resonates.”

Add creativity and originality

Don't just replicate what everyone else is doing. Put your own creative spin on the trend to stand out. Be innovative in your approach, whether it's through storytelling, visuals, or format.

Shivani Kapila

As per Shivani Kapila aka Little Glove, digital content creator and entrepreneur, “Trends give one a path, but the audience will love a content creator or brand for its originality in the content created even while following the trends. Hence, trends can be blueprints but the content has to be in your own style.”

While it's tempting to chase after the most popular trends, focus on those that align with your niche and expertise. Create content that adds value to the trend or offers a unique perspective.

Judicious usage of music in content

Music is an integral part of trending Reels. Conducting research into your potential customers' musical tastes and integrating that into your content can result in a powerful and captivating synergy.

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora, Co-Founder, Social Panga, commented, “Numerous studies have consistently demonstrated that incorporating music into your content elicits stronger and more positive reactions from your audience, along with hacking the social media algorithm. This effect is particularly pronounced when the music aligns with the preferences of your target audience and seamlessly complements your message.”

Understand your brand identity

Before jumping on any trend, ensure it aligns with your brand's values, voice, and goals.

Simran Balar Jain

Simran Balar Jain, Sex ed content creator, suggested, “Brands and creators should stay aware of trends but interpret them in a way that aligns with their identity and message.”

Devdatta Potnis

Devdatta Potnis, CEO, Animeta, added, “Trends can enhance one's personality when they complement individuality. To benefit a brand or creator, one must embrace trends without losing your unique identity i.e. stand out without merging entirely with a trend. In short, make sure you stand out while you stay trendy.”

Stay informed

Continuously monitor social media platforms and industry news to identify emerging trends. One can even use trend-tracking tools and follow trendsetters in your niche.

“The correct way to do social media trends is to see what things are going on in the community. Try making multiple videos on those trends through which we can engage with the audience and grow our views. The main thing is to do research on trendy topics which are going on or can be a trend,” added Rajat Dahiya, known as Kaal YT in the gaming content world.

Balance trend content

While it's important to leverage trends, don't let them dominate your content. Balance trend-related content with evergreen and niche-specific content.

Jain commented, “Ultimately, it's about finding a balance between staying current with trends and staying true to the brand or creator's personality and values. It's possible to create content that's both trendy and unique, which can lead to better engagement and audience growth,” added Simran Balar Jain, Sex ed content creator.

Research and measure impact

Arun Nair

In the process of engaging with your audience consistently and fostering a community, one must also analyse data to understand what resonates most with the audience, suggested, Arun Nair, Digital Content Creator.

Use analytics tools to track the performance of your content during the trend. Assess whether participation in the trend led to increased brand awareness, engagement, or conversions.

Thoroughly research the trend to understand its context, origin, and audience sentiment. Evaluate whether the trend is relevant to your industry or products.

Nair added, “Keep an eye on trends in your niche or industry. Integrate relevant trends into your content when they align with your brand. Focus on evergreen content that maintains value over time.”

Adapt and evolve

Trends change quickly, so be prepared to adapt your strategy. What works today may not work tomorrow. Keep an eye on emerging trends and be open to experimenting with different approaches.

“Continuously evolve your content strategy to keep it fresh and engaging,” Nair seconded.

Engage and interact

Engage with your audience using the trend. Respond to comments and encourage user-generated content related to the trend. Run contests or challenges based on the trend to boost engagement.

Stay consistent

Consistency in posting is key to building a loyal following. Maintain a regular content schedule even when participating in trends.

Adapt and grow

Be adaptable and willing to pivot your content strategy as trends evolve. Focus on your long-term goals and how trend participation fits into your overall content strategy.

Remember that social media trends can be fleeting, so it's essential to strike a balance between following trends and maintaining a consistent brand identity. Adapt your strategy as needed to keep your content fresh and engaging while staying true to your brand's values and goals.

Sachdev concluded, “The right way to approach content creation on social media is to strike a balance between following trends and staying true to your brand or personal identity. Understand your audience, their interests, and preferences, and create content that resonates with them while maintaining authenticity. Embrace creativity and uniqueness to stand out from the crowd, consistently deliver high-quality content, and analyze performance to adapt your strategy. By finding the sweet spot between trends and your brand's personality, you can create engaging and valuable content that connects with your audience on social media.