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Continuing with Nestlé Milkybar’s proposition of ‘Play, Eat & Learn’, the brand has introduced Milkybar Promise Packs. The New Year is a time when everyone makes resolutions and promises. The new Milkybar campaign shares six such interesting promises.

In line with the values that every parent encourages their children to develop, the six promises are share more, help more, learn more, play out more, plant more trees and recycle more. 

To make these packs even more exciting for children and help them to imagine a better world, there will be a unique augmented reality experience on the packs. All they have to do is scan the Milkybar pack and see different promises come to life. Every pack features a link redirecting consumers to a website that plays 3D augmented reality videos that will capture stories on all six promises. Each video captures an important lesson playfully and interestingly.

The Milkybar promise packs will be made available in stores across the country.

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Commenting on this initiative, Nikhil Chand, Director, Foods and Confectionery, Nestlé India, said, “Milkybar’s unique interactive packaging tries to capture the value of sharing, helping, playing, recycling, and learning. For every parent, their children’s growth and all-round development are vital, and Milkybar supports their endeavour to build a wholesome childhood. We hope parents and their children will have as much fun watching these videos as we had making it.”