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Netflix released its latest anthology, Feels Like Ishq, last week. The OTT platform has promoted the show through an interesting influencer marketing campaign on Instagram. Featuring six stories, the anthology explores the various shades of love. In the same vein, the influencer campaign also celebrates different shades of love and more importantly, different forms of love.

While influencer marketing has become an important aspect of all brand communications, it is still rare to see films or OTT series using it for their promotions. However, Netflix has utilised this route for some of their earlier content as well, for example, Bombay Begums. These campaigns help them raise curiosity around their shows.

A similar strategy is seen with the #FeelsLikeIshq campaign, where they have taken on board a wide plethora of influencers to celebrate different kinds of relationships. These influencers have shared a carousel post—the first image defines their relationship and a second one has a text card that describes their relationship. It is the text post that binds the campaign together. While all the influencers describe their relations differently, they follow the same template. This rakes up interest about the film making the audience curious about the subject of the show.

According to the data provided by content marketing agency Sheeko, the influencer-driven campaign has reached over 18 to 22 lac people in a media value pegged over Rs 15 million.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the brand’s performance on Instagram over one year:

The OTT platform has not only brought together influencers from different walks of life, but has also presented a whole variety of relationships. This goes well with their theme of love in different shades. But keeping the relationships universal also helps make the campaign relatable to everybody. The meaning of ‘ishq’ is not just limited to a romantic idea of love.

For example, popular digital creator Dolly Singh has shared a post about her relationship with her partner. Her post celebrates their supportive relationship and so her text card says “It’s not ILY, but the push we give to each other’s dreams.”

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Meanwhile, video creator Mahir Malhotra celebrates a very different form of relationship with his mother.

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Digital creator Jiji celebrates her sibling bond with her sister.

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Music artist Anumita Nadesan shares a post with her best friend.

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Digital creator Muskan celebrates her ‘ishq’ with her sister-in-law.

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The choice of influencers is the key to a successful campaign. These influencers have a younger audience, one that prefers watching their content on OTT platforms. This also generates interest among their followers as they get an inside view of the influencer’s life. They get acquainted with their close relations and also see a different, and in some cases, a more real version of the influencer.

The influencers also ask the followers to share their #FeelsLikeIshq stories and tag Netflix. This kind of user-generated content not only helps engage the audience but also widens its reach. Also since the subject, love, is relatable for everybody it is more likely that the followers will also join the bandwagon.