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On the heels of “Khoj”, its Mothers Day film released on May 8, 2020, Nykaa TV has launched “Rakshak”, a short film underscoring the unique bonds based on inclusivity and equality formed during the ongoing pandemic induced lockdown.

In this sweet, heartwarming Rakshabandhan film, Nisha, a single mother who is getting ready to celebrate the occasion while sharing the story of how she got through this lockdown all thanks to her “bhaiya” - who looked out for her daily needs and essentials (much like Nykaa) on her good days and brought her crucial help on her bad days.

In an unexpected twist, in the end, we discover that the person she’s tying Rakhi to is her building Security Guard who has been looking after her like a sister. The film is a heartfelt tribute to the unnamed and unacknowledged Rakshaks (protectors) in our lives that we sometimes take for granted.

The film:

Nykaa products appear at pivotal moments in the film to denote Nisha’s quiet strength and confidence - also highlighting the role Nykaa played in providing Essentials during lockdown.

Starring television actress Charlie Chauhan and produced by ICE Media Lab, the film is an insightful look into our lockdown lives and provides a new outlook on the surprising bonds that can form in unusual times.

Nykaa TV (the video platform for Nykaa) recently grew its YouTube subscriber base to 1 million subscribers - and aims to keep the channel growing and thriving with many more interesting and evocative films in the pipeline.