How Paree starts a conversation around breathable sanitary pads Prima

The campaign #APadThatBreathes documents the various travails women face on their period days, keeping it relatable and humorous. Samta Datta, General Manager, Marketing, Soothe Healthcare, shares the campaign's insights

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For the longest time, sanitary napkin ads in India have shown a rosy image of periods. Women wearing white clothes are inhibited due to their monthly cycles, but after using the advertised pad they are able to enjoy life to the fullest. How many women can actually relate to this depiction of periods? Are these the lived experiences of women? Are staining and the embarrassment around it the only concern women have around menstruation?

Paree’s campaign to promote their latest product Paree Prima Sanitary Pads and Pantyliners changes this narrative around menstrual hygiene by addressing the whole ordeal that women experience, and at the same time doing it through humour. Starting from food cravings, cramps, underwears getting ruined due to the staining, period leaves to spotting concerns—the influencer post on Instagram addresses the real issues that women face during their period week.

The brand has taken on board digital creator Kusha Kapila for the campaign #APadThatBreathes. In a vlog format, the five-minute video documents the various travails she faces on each of her period days. This is far more relatable for women, as the video delves into real issues, however trivial they may sound, that women face during menstruation. At the same time keeping it humorous.

Samta Datta, General Manager, Marketing, Soothe Healthcare, said that through the campaign, they are targeting evolved consumers who are in line with their period needs.

"There were three things that we really looked into for this association— relevance for the TG, the content creator's reach and resonance. For the launch of Prima, we were specifically targeting semi-metros and metros," she said.

Speaking on the choice of the influencer, Datta said, "We needed somebody who can keep the conversation humorous and witty. Yet connect very strongly with the TG and the product. Kusha does that beautifully for us."

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Through this campaign, the brand intends to target the group that doesn't buy run-of-the-mill products alone and is well aware of her needs. Datta said, "The breathable pad proposition is really aligned to her. And content is a great way to reach this TG. It is a conversation starter. And we wanted to keep it a bit light-hearted, at the same time bring the product superiority."

"With influencer marketing, it allows us to connect with consumers far more authentically. It is that person's behaviour and habits that we are aligning with and talking to," she added.

According to data provided by content marketing agency Sheeko, the influencer-driven campaign was created at a budget of Rs 8-10 lakh.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the brand’s performance on Instagram over one year:


In her unique style, Kapila manages to give a humorous touch to the issue. Whether it is the unboxing of the black cover or her settling for Nora Fatehi's 'haye garmi' pose to ease her cramps, there is not a single dull moment in the video.

Speaking on why they chose the humorous route, Datta said, "I believe humour is one of the highest forms of intelligence. It can be very insightful and inclusive. Humour is a great way to connect, so it increases the receptivity to the audience. There is so much being spoken about periods, which is so serious. I'm not taking it away. We need serious dialogue in this category. We do that for the brand Paree. But we wanted Paree Prima to be in a much more light-hearted way and that is why she speaks of little things that would happen to all of us. There's so much experience in periods that completely goes missing because we want to speak very seriously about it."

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