Pepsi's ‘Swag Se Solo' challenge on TikTok fetches five billion hits and 50,000 UGC videos

Ahead of Valentine's Day, Pepsi launched its ‘Swag Se Solo' music video that celebrates the single community. The video features Bollywood actor Salman Khan

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Pepsi’s Valentine’s Day anthem ‘Swag Se Solo’ with brand ambassador Salman Khan launched last week, fetched massive success with more than 55 million views on YouTube. Pepsi’s #SwagStepChallenge created a record of 49 billion hits on TikTok and the recent ‘Swag Se Solo’ challenge had over five billion hits with over 50,000 videos.

Bringing a unique twist to Valentine’s Day celebrations with the ‘Swag Se Solo’ anthem, Pepsi celebrated the single community. Salman Khan’s mass appeal further fueled the popularity of the anthem.

Pepsi created a concept of rejoicing Gen Z’s attitude towards life and relationship with Salman Khan in the lead. The brand has constantly innovated and reinvented itself to create experiences that connect with consumer passions, be it Bollywood, music or sports.

Pepsi had in the recent past worked with Salman for his movie integration, Dabangg 3 and created a challenge to don the ‘Dabangg Pepsi’ shades, which was one of the most successful challenges on Tik Tok in India by creating more than one lakh videos.

“Salman Khan is known to have a strong connect across generations and genders. His dynamic appeal is equally strong in urban and rural markets as he is a youth icon for youngsters across the nation. This is evident in the unprecedented success of the Swag Se Solo anthem that was released last week. We look forward to building the brand’s Har Ghoont Mein Swag proposition as one of the largest marketing advertising campaigns with Salman Khan in 2020,” said a PepsiCo India Spokesperson about the association.

‘Swag Se Solo’ is the new foot-tapping and lively anthem that marks Salman Khan’s feature in a music jingle in many, many years and stays true to his style and Swag element.

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