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Sex-ed content creator Simran Balar Jain has pointed out the challenges of banking solely on viral success. She believes that creators fixated on virality often struggle to sustain their endeavours and to ensure lasting impact, creators need to cultivate a robust community from their followers.

"I have always had a strong inclination towards meticulously documenting every facet of my journey. From the very outset, I found myself in front of the camera, though I grappled with identifying the right niche to delve into. My trajectory involved a constant ebb and flow as I explored different directions," Jain said during the Spotlight episode.

"However, there came a moment when I was spending a lot of time on YouTube and stumbled upon international creators producing content about sex education and related topics. It struck me that such content was lacking in India and I felt compelled to fill that gap. This marked the beginning of my journey into creating content about sexual education and hygiene," she added.

Jain believes that creators relying solely on going viral often struggle to sustain their efforts

"It's crucial to transform your followers into a community. Even if you receive just a few comments, it's important to engage with them, as community-building works in this manner," she added.

Jain also highlighted that a robust community aids a creator in establishing a distinct personal brand.

"Around two months ago, I initiated my own brand named Unbound, focusing on sexual hygiene and wellness. Remarkably, I quickly garnered 20,000 followers for this brand at that time. This is the influence of effective community-building. Consistency is key when it comes to nurturing your community, as neglecting it could lead to the arrival of other creators, causing you to lose your own standing. However, it's essential not to succumb to pressure. Instead, concentrate on delivering high-quality content," Jain said.

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