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Influencer marketing has become an inevitable pillar of brand strategy. Most of the time, brands take on board influencers on an ad-hoc basis only to amplify the reach of their mainline campaign or to promote some initiative. But the brands that excel at influencer marketing are consistent with the medium in the longer run, irrespective of whether any mainline campaign is running or not.

Khatija Lokhandwala

Seconding the thought, Khatija Lokhandwala, Head of Marketing, Zivame, said, “When an influencer consistently talks about the brand, it starts a movement that puts a continuous influencer programme in place. It is important to create content regularly with influencers for the brand to benefit in the long run."

Recently, Zivame launched a campaign #DekhoMaineKyaKiya, which is aimed at encouraging women to confidently indulge in all their desires and dreams. It throws light on the fact that the right intimate wear, which has been particularly designed for your body type, can give you the body confidence to pull off whatever you wish to achieve.

Top influencers such as Kat Kristian, Pooja Mundhra, and Deeksha Khurana became the flag bearers of this campaign along with a plethora of strong body-positive influencers.

Talking more about the campaign, Lokhandwala, said, “The campaign was set in motion in July. In order to bring alive the thought of #DekhoMaineKyaKiya, we tied up with 100+ macro and micro-influencers who showcased what we do, with their own special story. They highlighted their #DekhoMaineKyaKiya moment, be it trying an outfit or indulging in activities that intimidated them, etc.”

Zivame conceptualised and executed the campaign in-house.

Lokhandwala believes that giving creative freedom to influencers is very important, but one must ensure influencers are able to deliver the brand’s message through the content they create. She said, “We co-create the content with the influencers but also ensure that the message of the brand is clearly conveyed. We give the influencers the freedom to curate content in a manner that is unique to them and appealing to their audience. It’s a joint process where we marry the idea of the influencer with the brand’s message. If the content is pushy, it’s not as appealing to the audience as well as not authentic with respect to the influencer.”

Pooja Mundhra’s Instagram post for the campaign:

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Deeksha Khurana’s Instagram post for the campaign:

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Kat Kristian’s Instagram post for the campaign:

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Talking about the selection of influencers, Lokhandwala said, “While shortlisting influencers, we have to keep in mind the message that the company is trying to deliver. We tie up with macro and micro-influencers who would be able to authentically deliver the message along with certain credibility associated with the brand.”

Asked about the challenges while putting the campaign together, Lokhandwala said, “The first challenge we faced was efficiently identifying the right set of influencers to collaborate with. The second one building the content that stays through both the personality of the brand as well as the influencer. Followed by, building content that is not only relatable but also doesn’t come across as a pushy paid promotion to the audience.”

Lokhandwala pointed out that while selecting influencers, one must ensure that their content matches the brand ethos. She said brands must not get swayed by the number of followers of influencers, but see what kind of audience they are catering to. “Having a good mix of both macro and micro-influencers is important, since they serve different purposes.”