The Domination of Women in the Influencer Industry

Gautam Madhavan, Founder and CEO, Mad Influence, writes about how women have come to dominate the influencer sphere for a variety of reasons

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Gautam Madhavan

Influencer marketing is a remarkable industry for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is run by a number of innovative players and is continually updated and modified with new apps, tools, and influencers. The fact that the industry is dominated by women is maybe the most interesting feature about it.

Women have come to dominate the influencer sphere for a variety of reasons, the most obvious of which is that the majority of users on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are female.

It's not so much what you do as it is how you do it that matters. Women have a flair for weaving the kind of personal narrative that attracts social media interactions. According to a Facebook study on user-generated material on its platform, women are more likely than men to post personal information. As a result, women are more likely to connect with friends, relatives, and other individuals who share common interests.

How? Continue reading to learn more.

Fashion, fitness, food, lifestyle, and travel are the most popular categories on Instagram right now. The majority of the users who are interested in these categories are women, and because women love to follow and look up to other women, dominance was quickly established.

Additionally, fashion, beauty, and fitness are three areas where models, or in this case, influencers as models, are frequently onboarded to sell and review products, and the world's largest models are, and have almost always been women. 

Women are just more active and engaged on social media than men, according to gender breakdowns across social media platforms, improving their ability to connect effectively with people. They enjoy sharing their stories and are also quite skilled at storytelling, which many others enjoy listening to and engaging in. Women are more willing to share personal information and discuss what products they use, their skincare routine, and even their favourite restaurants. People are more inclined to respond to content that connects with them, and credibility is at the heart of it. By creating personal content and being approachable and real, it helps women become more authentic and relatable to their audience.

The influencer marketing industry continues to impress and amaze as one of the few industries in the world today that is totally dominated by women. Due to the strengthening focus on fashion, fitness, and lifestyle influencers, women have successfully taken over one of the world's most significant and prominent industries. These highly motivated and committed women are capable of spreading their message far beyond Instagram. Influencers like Kylie Jenner, Huda Kattan, Michelle Lewin, and others all represent a brand that is not just greater than them, but also developing and spreading beyond industry lines. Influencers like Prajakta Koli, Shrishti Dixit, Niharika NM, and Lily Singh, who started small on YouTube but have now established a name for themselves, are creating content that people relate to and enjoy. India is also home to some of the top and leading women social media influencers like Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Chinky Minky, Niharika Tiwari, Shweta Sharda, etc., who are storming the industry with their content, charm, bold personalities, and authenticity. The fact that women's domination on social media is here to stay is no longer a question, and we are keenly watching advancements.

Many people think of influencers as just beautiful people who take pretty pictures, but they don't realise that influencer marketing and building an audience and reputation takes time, commitment, authentic content, and a little luck to stand out from the crowd and gain a loyal following. It is more than just photos, it is in their ideas, new concepts and creations. It is hard, but it's not impossible.

Influencer marketing will continue to grow in the future as long as women maintain their positions as major influencers and brand leaders. More growth, which takes into consideration new and diverse voices and stories, will lead to more growth in influencer marketing, which will eventually help everyone in the industry flourish.

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