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Sharekhan Education, a separate entity under Sharekhan, has launched its maiden edutainment platform MoneyFlix to educate and help both new-to-market and experienced investors and traders to better understand finance, and enable them to better take advantage of financial market opportunities. 

Rahul Ghose

Rahul Ghose, Head of MoneyFlix, Sharekhan in an interaction with talks about the investments and objectives of the platforms while discussing content opportunities in the space.

“We're in this for the long haul. A lot of R&D and thought has gone into the each of the intuitive features we have on our portal,” he said.

Sharekhan Education been there for almost a decade now in the business of financial education and according to Ghose, the launch of the platform just makes that entire concept of financial education completely online.

It is generally perceived that finance subjects are either boring or difficult to grasp, thus people often shy away from learning about them. They either lose interest or they find it very complicated.

Ghose said that is the reason major effort has been put to make the content simple and easy on the platform.

“People enjoy watching movies, so we have just merged education with the same. We've taken the raw content that is the financial concepts, and added a lot of life characters and actual actors and have made an entire story across it, just like a movie. We've added interesting analogies to break down the content so that somebody who is new is also able to grasp it. And finally, we've added animation to simplify the concept. Everybody wants to make finance easier but we want to make it interesting and memorable,” he added.

In his words, the platform is a technological marvel by itself, packed in enough technology to make sure that the user experience actually enhances retention in terms of concept.

For quite some time, we have been witnessing a lot of brands, including DSP Mutual Funds, Tata Mutual Funds or, launching content initiatives in the finance space while experimenting with the edutainment genre.

So how different will this platform be?

Ghose answered, “We have encompassed the entire genre of finance and have actually made a finance movie. It actually has multiple characters, a protagonist, outcome, the story takes twists, so you're actually entertained as well as learning. So, it is the world's first financial movies’ platform. Also, we are making sure that language is not a barrier for somebody who wants to learn finance in an interesting way. Plus, there is the ability to capture voice notes on the go and easy references to important points at the click of a button. This state-of-the-art edutainment platform has many technology offerings and expects to improve learning and retention.”

The videos are available in English and Hinglish with subtitles in English, Hindi and Telugu. They soon plan to expand it to Tamil and Gujarati as well. The platform is mainly for videos but has info-graphics too.

The platform already has nearly 100 videos ranging from being as small as five minutes in duration to almost up to 30 minutes and this number is set to double within the first year itself. Its yearly subscription is of Rs 1,990+G.S.T. and the monthly subscription will be at Rs 990+G.S.T. Subscribers will have access to the entire premium content of the platform as well as access to 10 min video snippets on fundamentals of trending companies, called MoneyFlix Bytes. Its app is available on Google PlayStore and on iOS to be released in the end of the year.

On YouTube, it will have some of its free videos, along with trailers of these movies.

Asked if the platform offers any opportunity for the branded content, Ghose said that the intention of launching the platform is to keep it agnostic and keep the content generic.

“We wanted to keep it pure education only. We plan to have partnerships, but that is from an end-user perspective. We want to tie up with corporates and give the platform out to all of their employees so they are able to benefit from it. We plan to tie up with schools and universities, because finance is something that everybody needs to know,” he said.

Viewing the whole situation of Covid-19 with much optimism, Ghose said, “In my opinion, in the pandemic, instead of having an actual physical class, people are given the opportunity to learn online at his convenience. Shoots have been impacted. But we've come up with alternative ways in which we can actually have an animated 3D character taking you through the module. We would continue to churn out content as per what targets we have.”

By the end of year one, the platform aims to have 10,000 subscribers.

With content for every age group, the platform is keeping eight different production partners to keep all videos entirely different from each other. It is having an in house animation team as well.

Talking about the opportunities in the finance space, he said, “There is no dearth of content in financial. It's just an endless ocean. It is just proportional to the time and money that you put out.”