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Dating app Tinder is set to release ‘Swipe Night’ in India on March 14, 2020. Tinder will release its in-app, interactive apocalyptic adventure, where at key turning points, Tinder members decide as to what happens to them next. Their choices dictate more than just the story; they also impact who they match with and what they will chat about once the story ends.

Tinder experimented with this form of interactive content first in the US last year. After the massive success of the initiative, Tinder decided to take ‘Swipe Night’ beyond the US borders and experiment with it in other countries as well.

As mentioned in the Tinder blog post for the US edition of the series last year, “While the story unfolds, you’ll face moral dilemmas and practical choices, with only seven seconds to decide and no going back. After each Swipe Night story release, critical choices will be added to members’ profiles, showing which decisions potential matches did or did not make. And all of this new information will make for plenty of material for post-apocalyptic banter.”

The teaser of the interactive Swipe Night series:

Swipe Night offers a new way to use content to start conversations. “More than half of Tinder members are Gen Z, and we want to meet the needs of our ever-evolving community. We know Gen Z speaks in content, so we intentionally built an experience that is native to how they interact. Dating is all about connection and conversation, and Swipe Night felt like a way to take that to the next level. Our hope is that it will encourage new, organic conversations based on shared content experience,” said Ravi Mehta, Tinder’s Chief Product Officer, in the blog post published last year for the series launch in the US.

Swipe Night will take place live, right inside Tinder, and come March the Tinder community in India will have the chance to experience the apocalypse together.