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2018 was a year when more and more brands experimented with the content marketing route. Some understood the game well and produced the best of the content that consumers want. But some got limited by the urge of talking too much about the brand in the content, and made the consumers upset. But nevertheless, it is appreciative that Indian marketers are getting more acquainted with the content field and it’s not very far when brands of the world will look for the best content marketing examples from India. compiles a list of its favourite Indian content marketing initiatives that got noticed well and were successful in fulfilling the brands' objectives in 2018. It was noticed while compiling the list that video content ruled the Indian consumer's heart.

 AMFI web series ‘Yeh Meri Family’

The web series conceptualised and executed by The Viral Fever was an extension of the Association of Mutual Funds of India’s (AMFI) larger campaign ‘Mutual Fund Sahi Hai’, targeting tier II and nearby cities. Set around the ’90s, the relatability factor with the target audience made the series a successful content strategy. Given the popularity of the series, Netflix collaborated with TVF. Earlier, AMFI had previously partnered with TVF for the second season of The Timeliners’ super-hit web series ‘The Aam Aadmi Family’, which has garnered more than 25 million views to date. The target audience is educated through scenes subtly placed in the narrative of the series. The protagonist’s father is an investment advisor and is shown in favour of mutual funds. He advises his clients on matters such as risks associated with mutual funds.

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Zoomcar’s ‘If salary were a person’

To push the subscription for its new offering, ZAP Subscribe, Zoomcar partnered with digital media entertainment company Pocket Aces to create a short video comedy sketch titled ‘If salary were a person’. The video was released on Pocket Aces’ short video content channel FilterCopy. As a result, Zoomcar has witnessed a 3.5x increase in their organic website traffic and the subscription to ZAP has increased to 40% in four days. The video was a humorous take on how monthly salaries affect a person’s life. Our lifestyle depends on our monthly salary changing dramatically as the month progresses and our bank balance dwindles. Keeping in mind the lifestyle that today’s generation craves for, the video helps us understand how subscribing a car is more advantageous than owning a car as it enables individuals to subscribe to a new car at a fixed monthly fee and allows them to manage their expenses is a desired way.

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UB Group’s ‘Half Day Rant’

The video ‘The Half Day Rant’, a scene from the web series ‘What’s Your Status’ by United Breweries Group, went viral on social media in a short span of time. This clip from the series was viewed more than 2.58 lakh times on YouTube and was shared in a huge number on WhatsApp as well. In the video, Naveen Polishetty playing a corporate decides to take off from work for half day. While he is preparing to leave early, a colleague questions his leave and what comes from Naveen as his response is hilarious but also relatable at the same time. This video has been super-impactful recently in the wake of many MNC offices restricting their working hours and shutting at 6pm to avoid false conceptions about employees. It’s a funny but serious matter that is gradually capturing mainstream attention. ‘What’s Your Status’ is a web series based on the story of three different people, going through three different phases of relationships — single, committed and married.

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HP’s ‘Umeed ka Diya’ video

HP India stood out with a heart-warming digital video content that went viral to generate over five million views across social media platforms within a few days. The video titled ‘Umeed ka Diya’ struck an emotional chord to emphasise the need for buying products from local artisans and street vendors during Diwali. Resonating the message ‘One small step taken by all of us can bring along a big difference in someone else’s Diwali’, the video encouraged the viewers to support the street vendors. The three-minute video created by Autumn Worldwide shows the story of a child’s genuine concern for a street vendor, ‘Amma’, whose efforts to sell ‘diyas’ is not receiving good response. To help ‘Amma’, the child designs, prints posters with her image with the help of HP notebook and printer, urging people to buy ‘diyas’ from her. This leads to increased footfall, which helps ‘Amma’ to sell all her ‘diyas’. The necessity of a childlike innocence to help the local street vendors is fabulously captured in the video.

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Nestle Maggi Kitchen Journeys

Maggi added some spice to its new brand positioning ‘Kuch Achha Pak Raha Hai’ with the launch of its content initiative ‘Kitchen Journeys’, conceptualised by Zenith. The brand has picked Zee TV and Living Foodz in order to ensure much larger scale to the initiative. Maggi Kitchen Journeys brought forth heart-warming, motivating chronicles of women who have established their own unique identity, empowered themselves and their families, using food as a medium. Creatively conceptualised by Living Foodz, every episode focuses on how each guest has taken challenging circumstances in their stride and overcome difficult situations to set up something they were passionate about.

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Bajaj Allianz’s #GameOfLifeGoals

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance launched the web series #GameOfLifeGoals in May 2018. The series was three-part videos of 3-4 minutes dedicated to the plans of Rahul Subramaniam and Kumar Varun, who are the two popular faces from the web comedy world. The web series garnered 2.4 million total views and was a follow-up to the vox pop video of #GraveyardOfLifeGoals that was launched in March 2018 with popular YouTube star Sahil Khattar. The content initiative was a part of the company’s campaign ‘Samjho Ho Gaya, Life Goals. Done’. The brand’s target audience are the millennials who have deep ambitions and goals and hence are the ‘Life Maximisers’. The web series #GameofLifeGoals supplements the brand’s re-orientation efforts towards making Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance synonymous with ‘Life Goals Enabler’.

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Hershey India’s ‘Meethe Bahaane’ web series with celebrity chef Ranveer Brar

Hershey India launched a web series, ‘Hershey’s Presents Meethe Bahane’, by joining hands with celebrity chef Ranveer Brar to make everyday dishes more interesting by using Hershey’s range of products. The web series showcased sweet and naughty ‘bahanas’ that kids come up with to wriggle out of their routine, everyday food. Parents and the chef re-created food recipes by adding a delicious twist using Hershey’s range of products. The web series ‘Hershey’s Presents Meethe Bahane’ was hosted on Hershey’s India YouTube Channel. The first recipe was uploaded on July 13. Starting August, Hershey’s Syrup bottles also carried a recipe booklet containing Hershey’s recipes that one could create for loved ones at home.

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Brooke Bond Red Label’s #SwadApnepanKa initiative on Star Sports

After 22 years of India vs. Pakistan World Cup Quarter Final in 1996 match and the epic exchange that happened between the renowned cricketers Venkatesh Prasad and Aamer Sohail on the grounds then, Brooke Bond Red Label along with Star Sports and Mindshare brought them together to break barriers over a cup of tea and melt their differences. The content segment was broadcasted live on Star Sports on September 19, 2018. Brooke Bond Red label has always stood for breaking barriers over a cup of tea and making the world a more welcoming place - be it the apprehension between a Hindu and a Muslim, the latent tension of new age millennial’s live-in versus holy matrimony or even giving the third gender the voice it deserves with the 6 Pack Band. Standing tall to the promise of breaking barriers, the brand initiated the epic reunion of two cricketing stalwarts who once gave us the real taste of cricket’s greatest rivalry over a cup of tea.

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