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DrinkPrime, the water purifier brand that always took the non-traditional advertising route, has taken the branded content route with its latest sketch video. With this, the brand joined several D2C brands that heavily engaged with influencers during the festive season.

The video:

DrinkPrime joined the bandwagon with its sketch video collaboration with The Blunt - a platform that creates slice-of-life videos. In the sketch video that went live on The Blunt’s YouTube channel, DrinkPrime has been portrayed as a smart and affordable service that is a necessity in any home.

The creative channel has recreated an everyday scene from most Indian houses, with the often-used phrase, “Hamare Zamane Mein”. The sketch features a grandfather who wants to out beat his grandson, whether it’s his salary or the threshold of cold tolerance.

The sketch video has been conceptualised and curated so that DrinkPrime can reach out to its niche target group in the Delhi NCR region. The three characters in the video along with their interesting conversations on everyday things make the video all the more relatable to the audience who are potential DrinkPrime users.

Manas Ranjan Hota, the Co-founder and COO of DrinkPrime, said, “DrinkPrime is a young brand that wants to aid healthy choices in people of all generations. Collaborating with The BLUNT helped us in conversing with an audience that is ambitious, health conscious, and seeking employment opportunities in cities outside their hometowns. While the water purifier category is focused on traditional advertising, it was important for us to be able to break that pattern and converse with our potential and existing customers through the medium that they are most comfortable using.”

The video is directed by Yogesh Meena, written by Shivesh Mishra, produced by Ayush Jain, Yash Chouhan, Adhir Dubey, and Ambar Verman, and features Sanyam Sharma, Abhishake Jha and Sadhana Johari.

DrinkPrime has been collaborating with multiple influencers over the span of a year including well-known names such as Anu Karagada (comedy), KC Cariappa (cricket) and Tech Quirk (technology). The brand recently released a video ad, Bhaiya Kahaan Ho?!, focusing on the major pain point of water can users in India.