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As India enters its 72nd Independence year, brands have left no stone unturned to touch the patriotic chord of consumers and make a connect with them. Understanding the need of the hour and the urge to do something different, this time around a handful of names undertook the branded content route to build brand affinity. brings a list of a few striking branded content initiatives.

Lava International’s #ProudlyIndian

Lava International’s #ProudlyIndian campaign around Independence Day tried to emphasise the message that “Lava is an Indian brand”. The brand also launched #ProudlyIndian chain, which will see Lava Mobiles inviting people to shoot a video singing their favourite patriotic songs. The campaign includes a film with MS Dhoni on the theme of Independence Day, ending with the communication that Lava is a proud Indian brand contributing to the growth of mobile industry in India.

The Campaign:

Bajaj Avenger’s #NoPlasticPatriotism

Bajaj Avenger has taken patriotism to a new level by highlighting a very pertinent issue through its Independence Day ad. Have you ever thought what do these fluttering tirangas are made of? It’s plastic. Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas, the film touches all the right chords about the indiscriminate use of plastics and the rise of tokenism in celebration.

The film opens in with a biker riding out of the city, when a hawker approaches the rider. The situation turns grim when the rider refuses to take the flag; this time his patriotism comes to question. But the final sequence lays all the questions to rest when he starts segregating the garbage and the flag, giving due respect to the national flag.

The Campaign:

Parle-G’s #YouAreMyParleG

Parle G pays tribute to the armed forces who serve the nation unconditionally through the #YouAreMyParleG campaign. The five-series digital films are real-life stories from their customers. The film depicts the life of a soldier.

Set in Kolkata, the video opens with a shot of a soldier returning to his home after a long time. The monologue narrates how a soldier’s life is different from a common man. At one time he is seen hiding his pain from his wife and the other time he is telling stories to the children. The video ends with the soldier returning to his duty with a bundle of memories till he meets them again.

The Campaign:

Vivo Happy independence Night

The brand campaign emphasises the fact that it is our right to choose either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but it is our duty to always choose ‘good’. After 71 years of independence, does every one of us feel equally independent and safe? What does a woman feel, when she is stuck in an isolated spot at night? Be it morning or night, regardless of who we are, it is our duty to provide everyone with a safe and secure environment.

The Campaign:

Tata Tiscon remembers the real nation builders

Tata Tiscon, the rebar brand, decided to pay homage to the real builders of the nation. An exhibition of portraits of nation builders was organised where people were asked to recognise them. Though a handful could recognise at best one among the six portraits, most of the participants couldn’t identify anyone. The experiment threw light upon the fact that though some of us at best remember their names, most of us can’t really identify their faces nor remember their contribution to the nation.

The Campaign: