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Viraj Khetle

Influencer marketing agency Top Social India recently launched its own content media channel, ‘Bored Games’. Viraj Khetle, Business and Growth, Bored Games, told that the differentiation the platform will bring to the table for brands is their focus on impact rather than just the reach numbers.

“We have a stronghold in content creation. We have complete quality control over the type of content that goes on our channel. It's not just meant to increase viewers’ screen time, because that is what other channels are operating on. We want to take the lesser taken path. The objective is to actually have an impact on users so that they can connect with our messaging in the long run. So we'll focus on impact rather than just our numbers,” he said.

In terms of branded content for brands, it has two formats. The platform has seen that short-format videos have been working really well for them. And in the long run, it will go in the long-format videos, which will have a deeper connection with the users and also for brands that want to connect and engage with their audience.

Currently limited to video content and a bit of blog (written) content covering topics related to entertainment and social causes, it plans to expand into other formats as well, including audio. He said the platform does not intend to take a political stand or be satirical but rather keep it to light-hearted comedy and thought-provoking content.

In the next few months, its target is to partner with a few brands whose TG matches the platform’s target. Launched on January 18, 2021, it now has content gathering more than 2.6 million+ interactions. Its primary focus as of now is to gain more subscribers.

Apart from following trends that are working already on social media, it is generating its own trends around social issues. In its latest campaign #OooWomaniyaar, with innovative and snackable content it highlighted the ways in which awareness can be spread for gender equality, boost mindfulness in gender-responsive social systems, and enhance the struggles of women and girls. The campaign received over 100K+ views and 200+ contest entries, with budding creators participating in huge numbers.

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Since its inception, it has been partnering with multiple creators across genres. As a platform, it believes it is its job to identify creators that have a unique proposition but do not know how to do it.

“With our expertise in influencer and content marketing, we will provide them a platform where we give them guidance, help them with the content so that they can partner with us and create content of their own but on our channel,” he said.

In terms of ensuring brand safety, Khetle said, “We have 100% verified influencers because a lot of malpractices such as bots and fake followers are happening in the influencer marketing space. We make sure all creators on our platform or those partnering with Bored Games are verified in terms of the content and in terms of the communication they follow. Since it's our own property, we have complete control over the type of creators that we pitch and the type of content that goes out. It's completely vetted to ensure brands do not have to worry about maybe digital variants. We know what things can go wrong and what works for the brand and what doesn't. When a brand comes to us, it's not just to gain a monetary benefit. We believe we are partners in the brand's growth. So we are not just providing them with numbers but also the impact they can put on their users.”

Headquartered in Gurgaon, it is operating with a team of seven people. With its parent company Top Social India, which is backed by China’s influencer marketing agency Top Social China, he said the platform is focused on providing local needs while looking after privacy issues.

“We are a team of young people and the decision-makers behind what content goes out. When it comes to brand safety in India, it's a problem only if you are asking for user data. There are a lot of Chinese brands that are still surviving in India and doing pretty well because they do not have anything to do with user data. And in the same way, we are not in any way asking for any user data. We are just creating content for them. And I think that is why we shouldn't have any problem in terms of data security or user privacy issues.”

He said after it grows its subscriber base, it will add more unique properties for localised content.