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The second wave of digital has led to audiences themselves becoming creators which has revolutionised the short video space in the country, said Aditi Shrivastava, Co-Founder and CEO of Pocket Aces. 

Shrivastava was speaking at a session titled, ‘M&E Consumption: Evolving Trends Across Segments’ on day 1 of ‘FICCI Frames Fast Track 2022’ in Mumbai. 

“The audiences look at themselves to be like the creators. Even the audience is understanding the business of content and that has led to tremendous possibilities for the creators and platforms,” said Shrivastava. 

Speaking about where the short-video space is heading, she said, “People are trying to become micro-influencers, and the space is being fuelled by d2c brands. Brands are ditching the large A-lister faces and going with micro-influencers.” 

She added that in the days ahead the number of creators that are monetising will go up. “The total number of influencers who will monetise will go up but the 80-20 rule will apply. The top 20% will get 80% of the monetisation but the total number of monetisers will go up,” she explained. 

Rise of Social Commerce

According to Shrivastava, brands will have to focus on building communities and attracting audiences to be a part of them. “The propensity of users to pay is very high. We have always heard that India is a low ARPU market. That will change.”

She said very soon audiences will spend on things like merchandise, and pay to be a part of the Metaverse events, etc. 

“The third huge monetisation source will be the audiences. They will pay not only for content but also for the things around content brands. Food channels are launching cookware ranges, and people are ready to pay. Franchise building across channels is going to be the trend,” added Shrivastava.