Bingo! Mad Angles combines the power of UGC, memes, TVC and GenAI to create rap

The entire GenAI campaign was executed by PixelFox, a creative agency

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In an industry-first move, Bingo! harnessed the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to craft a campaign, bringing to life a fusion of technology and creativity.

The campaign began when Bingo! - through a cryptic TVC teaser – posed the question: “Uss Raat Kya Hua Tha?" (What happened that night), challenging consumers to unleash their inner detectives and concoct wild theories to solve the mystery. Consumers inundated the campaign pages on social media with theories that could only be described as wildly absurd and over the top. The 20 quirkiest entries were picked and later used as the foundation for Midjourney, the GenAI wizard of image generation, to conjure up a collection of surreal and uproarious memes that brought the theories to life.

As the campaign culminated, Bingo! introduced a rap video through the storyline formed by the memes. The imaginative story was crafted into lyrics by ChatGPT.

Collaborating with Uberduck AI and Musify, the lyrics have come alive through a rap anthem. Runway AI, Kaiber AI and Midjourney designed an ethereal GenAI Art Gallery template, where the memes were brought to life. The virtual GenAI Art Gallery will resound with the line "Uss Raat Kya Hua Tha", accompanied by the iconic "MMMMMMMMM" soundbite, embodying the brand's delightful chaos.

The AI song :

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The entire GenAI campaign was executed by PixelFox, a creative agency.

Kavita Chaturvedi- Chief Operating Officer, Snacks, said, "We wanted to challenge the conventional norms of how brands engage with their audience. Bingo! Mad Angles has always stood for unleashing the unexpected and with our new campaign, we've taken this philosophy to a whole new level. Bingo! Mad Angles has been at the forefront of delivering 'MMM' ad solutions to our consumers and this GenAI-driven campaign is a testament to our commitment towards innovation and disruption.”

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