E-commerce marketing tricks every aspiring blogger should know

Kumar Saurav, Global Mobile Business Head, AdCounty Media, shares the tips and tricks which can make bloggers earn more from e-commerce and also explains why blogging will always remain relevant

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Kumar Saurav

Are you the proud owner of an E-commerce store? Congratulations, here is a Hi-five. Given that over 50% of the global population prefers to shop online, there is an indefinite scope for generating income from an E-commerce store. But how and what to do next? 

With hundreds of marketing tools and ideas at your disposal, choosing the ones that works may be overwhelming. But you can never go wrong if you start with the basics. Join the blogging bandwagon, as blogging will never go out of business. According to serpwatch.io, 77% of internet users read blogs daily, and companies who blog about their business get 67% more leads than the ones who don't.

So, if you are someone, who used to consider blogging a good-to-have alternative, we are here to break that myth and make blogging a lucrative marketing option. We will tell you how you can mix blogging and E-commerce to bring in massive traffic and high revenue.

Consider upselling

Convincing your customers to buy more products by giving them discounts on their next purchase can be an effective upselling technique for E-commerce platforms. Did you know that your business can generate up to 30% more revenue merely by upselling? If your company has a subscription model, entice the users to go from the free version to the paid version or from a basic version to a premium version. 

Offer value proposition to users

What's the point of blogging if you fail to create a value proposition for users? The best brands in the industry survive because of the value proposition they provide their consumers. Consider Apple, for example, a brand that symbolises the sleek and elegant product design and its easy-to-use product.

Create a lasting first impression

Websites are no different, just like we judge people by their first appearance. Your website's first impression will determine whether a user stays or leaves. It just takes 0.05 seconds for a user to make judgments about your website. So, making your website visually appealing and easy to navigate is indispensable.

Create a personalised customer experience

Engaging with your customer personally by sending them personalised messages or calls are some means of conversational marketing. Businesses using conversational marketing techniques have a proven track record of creating ten times more sales and 70% more qualifying leads.   

Retargeting existing customers

Cart abandonment is an eternal nemesis of online shopping stores. According to data calculated from 41 different studies, the average rate of cart abandonment across all industries lies at 69.5%. The good news is that these abandonment rates can be reduced by constantly reminding the customers of their cart items. Retargeting can bring down these abandonment rates by at least 6.5%. One good strategy for retargeting is sending Emails to your consumers regarding the abandoned carts, along with some blog links mentioning the benefits of abandoned items. This will, in turn, persuade them to make a purchase.

Search engine optimisation

This is quintessential for ranking in search engine listings which boosts visibility, click-through rate and, eventually, website traffic. SEO-based blog posts land a greater likelihood of top-of-the-page ranking alongside resonating better with the audience. Engaging content coupled with on-site optimisation with alt tags, title tags, meta descriptions and proper choice of keywords helps target the right user at the right time. The number of interested users visiting an e-commerce website is obviously directly proportional to potential sales.

Practice storytelling

Bloggers can ignite imaginations in the mind of buyers. Create a blend of stories, videos, and graphics to grab the readers' attention. If you are a company dealing in the refinancing of home loans, tell your customers about the best real estate properties in the market. 

You may also provide testimonials to build trust amongst your buyers. According to a Harvard Study, 95% of all purchase decisions are subconscious, as people buy out of emotions.

Whether you are a blogger or an entrepreneur, keeping your audience in mind at every step of the process is the only way forward. 

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