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As the weather has started warming up, the beverage industry has got aggressive on the marketing front. Amid the holy month of Ramadan, coupled with summers, Hamdard Laboratories’ classic summer ‘sharbat’ Rooh Afza has shifted focus more on social media and digital. It has launched a large-scale influencer marketing initiative #GhulKeJiyo, where the brand has collaborated with food influencers to promote the campaign by sharing recipes using Rooh Afza. Winners stand a chance to win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 20,000.

Mansoor Ali

Mansoor Ali, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Hamdard Laboratories, said, “We have done influencer marketing in the past. But this time we have taken it in a focused manner because when the lockdown started, for all the beverages, the season also started. We first struggled with our manufacturing and supply chain but got them in order very quickly. One of the ways to engage with people at home is to involve them with the product. What better than to have a recipe contest involving Rooh Afza. Like this, we collaborated with the influencers to amplify the contest.”

The brand has rarely done any influencer-driven campaign in the past. But seeing the change in consumer content consumption preferences, it thought of testing the waters with new-age digital content activities. 

He said, “The trends are clear that digital consumption and social media consumption has gone up exponentially as people are at home. Therefore, we have gone extensive on social media platforms. We felt it as an ideal time as people’s habits have changed and they are at home.”

Some of the influencers’ posts:

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From Sheeko’s Brandscore graph, it’s visible that Rooh Afza is not much active on digital media platforms, but this single campaign helped it garner more than one million reach in an estimated media value pegged around Rs 3-5 lakh.

One year graph of the brand’s performance on Instagram:

“The influencer marketing campaign has turned out terrifically well. The kind of response we have got is fantastic. This gives us a huge opportunity to showcase Rooh Afza as a multi-used product. Generally, people think of it just as a beverage and associate it with a particular product. But you can also make desserts, mocktails and cocktails and other things using it across the year,” said Ali.

Explaining the larger brand propositioning with the campaign, “The nature of the product is that it has to mix with some or the other thing. The term ‘Ghul Ke Jiyo’ is very relevant in today’s context also. There is so much of polarisation and extreme thoughts in the country, we as a brand took a stand that ‘Ghul ke Jiyo’ with each other.”

The brand is open to content collaboration with platforms and publishers on digital. Ali said, “We are open and it is the first time we want to see it through. We are open to collaborate with different platforms and create new ideas to promote Rooh Afza. There would be more products coming in the pipeline, so all the more reason to keep going on to digital.”