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Sirona Hygiene has launched its campaign #SironaCupvert which spreads awareness regarding menstruation and using menstrual cups instead of pads and tampons as it can be a healthier and budget-friendly alternative.

The brand has amplified its coverage in newspapers, on Instagram as well through mom influencers to set an impression in their TG i.e women on their menstrual cycle. It also promoted a few complimentary products as well along with the menstrual cup to tackle myths faced relating to a menstrual cup.

Anika Malik Wadhera

In conversation with BuzzInContent, Anika Malik Wadhera - General Manager - Digital Marketing at Sirona Hygiene, talks about the brand’s overall investment in the influencer marketing front and its creative involvement while working with them. She also discussed how the brand is looking at fulfilling the objective of awareness and affinity through this strategy.

“Influencer marketing drives primarily brand awareness and affinity (can see these results in a shorter time period) and business goals have an impact in the long run through this,” she said.

She shared that the brand collaborates with influencers on an ongoing basis and it is a core part of its marketing strategy. And it looks at engagement rate of the influencer, type of content created, content quality, amongst other parameters while taking this route.

“A substantial sum is invested in influencer marketing every month. However we also spend a lot on brand building, content marketing and other marketing initiatives,” she said.

Since the brand offers products in the period, intimate, toilet and personal hygiene categories, it works with influencers in the lifestyle, beauty, travel categories mostly - targeting females.

For its recent campaign #SironaCupvert, it is targeting women across a broad age group, i.e. from 18-40 and therefore has on-boarded mom influencers between the age of 20 and 40.

It has associated with influencers including Satshya, Sana Grover, Shruti Iyer, LBB and multiple other influencers.

The film with Satshya:

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The film with Shruti Iyer:

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This campaign aims to spread awareness regarding the need for menstrual cups and how it is different and a better alternative to pads or tampons. It showed creators advocating the product in a natural way and gave more tips on how to tackle periods and other problems faced by women.

According to data provided by content marketing agency Sheeko, the brand executed the campaign during the last week of August and the first half of September which helped them garner a reach of approximately 650k. The estimated media value is pegged between Rs 8-10 lakhs.

Talking more about influencer marketing, Wadhera further shared that influencers can be used both ways: in the long term or as an amplification strategy for the brand’s mainline campaigns.

“At the time of a new product launch, we use influencers to create and impact an increased brand and product SOV in the initial days of the launch. For other products in the portfolio, content created by different influencers helps in creating product awareness and consideration,” she said.

In terms of how to decide a particular format like contests, UGC for the strategy she shared that the brand decides the format based on its marketing objectives.

She added, “Having said that, what works with one influencer may not work with another. Likewise, the strategy that worked with one product may not work with the other. We have a big range of products that we offer and work in different ways and with different categories of influencers. We are learning every day and adapting as we go. This form of marketing is very dynamic and you cannot be very sure as to which format will work for which influencer and which product. The audience profile of influencers is also very different. Over a period of time, you see trends and can then create strategies that work the best for you.”

And what kind of creative involvement does the brand have in what influencers put out on Instagram?

Wadhera said that the brand lets influencers create content on their own.

“We discuss how we would like to position the product and the approach broadly. However, influencers are creators who thrive on creativity and know their audience the best. We leave the rest to them as to how they would like to engage with their audience and the content they would like to create,” she said.