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The #NoFilter campaign, initiated by skin and body-positive creator, Prableen Kaur Bhomrah, served as a catalyst, motivating numerous individuals across social media to join in and share unfiltered images of their skin. This movement became the pivotal moment that marked the beginning of her remarkable content creation journey.

In the recent episode of Spotlight by BuzzInContent, Bhomrah delved into her content creation journey, touching upon cherished memories, her approach of prioritising authenticity over mere brand quantity in collaborations, and a plethora of other insightful revelations.

Kaur started creating content right before the COVID-19-induced lockdown. Although she didn't have any plan to become a skin-positive creator, eventually people started appreciating her content and that is how her content creation journey started.

"I get a lot of motivation from my audience to make the kind of content I create. I feel that they are genuinely my cheerleaders and whatever I put out on social media platforms, I know they are always rooting for me," she added during the episode.

“As I embarked on my journey of promoting skin positivity, I mustered the courage to share my very first #NoFilterwithPKB picture. Initially, I felt a rush of anxiety before uploading the very first picture with that hashtag but to my delight, the response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. The outpouring of appreciation made me realise that I am not alone in my feelings and there are countless others who share the same sentiments as I do,” Bhomrah said.

Bhomrah initiated the #NoFilter campaign by sharing close-up images of her skin pores, texture and acne. As the movement gained momentum, it evolved into a thread, with numerous individuals joining in by sharing their unfiltered pictures using the same hashtag.

Speaking about the criteria that she follows while collaborating with brands, Bhomrah said, “In our team, we prioritise a crucial aspect which is to ensure that the brands we associate with align with my values. Some brands may request me to edit out acne on my skin and use blurring filters. However, this contradicts my core principles. As a result, we promptly decline such offers. Additionally, I take the time to thoroughly test products for several weeks to assess their effectiveness on my skin. Authenticity and credibility are paramount to me and I am committed to promoting only those products that genuinely resonate with my beliefs and values.”

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