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Himani Bahuguna

Noticing the shift in consumer content consumption preferences post the pandemic, Info Edge’s matchmaking platform has upped its ante on the digital branded content front.

Himani Bahuguna, EVP and Head Marketing, Jeevansathi, said, “The media mix has changed quite drastically after the pandemic. The digital content consumption has grown multifolds. Unlike TV, digital helps brands to engage with consumers in ways that build affinity. It’s not a one-way street. Therefore, our endeavour with digital branded content is to be part of the pop culture and conversations and be present where our TG is.”

In the quest to be present where the consumers are and engage with them, Jeevansathi has been producing a lot of snackable social media content and partnering with influencers such as standup comedians and poets.

Not just this, the brand has also collaborated with content companies to create long-form content in the form of web series. 

Most recently, Jeevansathi collaborated with TVF Timeliners to bring the web series, Almost Together!

The show trailer:

The show follows the journey of two friends, Jai and Kriti, navigating the maze of love in their 30s. There comes a college pact, leading to a compromise and an unexpected love triangle with the entry of Raghav, who is Jeevansathi’s selection for Kriti.

The cast for the show includes Plabita Borthakur, Vishal Vashishtha and Aaron Arjun Koul playing the roles of Kriti, Raghav and Jai respectively. Directed by Happie Mongia and written by Abhishek Srivastava, Karpoor Gaurav and Aastha Dhyani, the series is available on YouTube.

The partnership between Jeevansathi and TVF began last year. Bahuguna said that the brand reached out to TVF with the brief to create content that appeals to the younger prospects seeking life partners and makes Jeevansathi their preferred option.

Eventually, “After many back and forths, TVF came up with ‘Almost Together’s web series concept. In the end, we want to organically be part of the content and not make the content look like a long-form ad,” commented Bahuguna.

Bahuguna is also open to the idea of extending the series for another season if the first season of the series performs well. “TVF has done a very good job in terms of casting and direction. The initial response to the series is good and we are open to extending the partnership if this season performs well,” she said.

While Jeevansathi continues to do regular advertising, it has shifted some of its TV ad spends towards digital branded content, given the 25% drop in brands TG watching TV.

Bahuguna added, “While some of my TV spends have shifted to digital branded content, we ensure our content is immensely relatable and not doing it just for the sake of it. We want to create content that tugs our consumers’ hearts.

Jeevansathi’s collaboration with comedian Gaurav Kapoor:

Jeevansathi’s collaboration with comedian Amit Tandon:

The brand’s collaboration with Nayab Midha:

Jeevansathi is open to more branded collaborations, be it web series, snackable content or even audio-based branded content. Having said that, the brand is mindful that it doesn’t want to go overboard with content creation. Bahuguna said, “I prefer creating a few insightful pieces of content over merely riding the content wave.”

Last year, JioCinema partnered with to launch ‘Saath By Chance’, the 3 episodic anthology series. The series showcased real-life success stories of Jeevansathi couples.

Bahuguna went on to share that the brand creates two kinds of content: one that is entertaining and builds brand love and affinity and the other form is where the brand solves consumers’ concerns and queries regarding the platform’s offerings.

Bahuguna emphasised finding the right balance between long and short-term content. She said, “Short-form content grabs attention, but long-form content fosters deeper connection. Given our budget constraints, we need to strike a balance by creating content that combines attention-grabbing elements with relevance and shareability, ultimately shaping long-term user perceptions.”

Bahuguna is very clear in terms of the objectives Jeevansathi wants to achieve through branded content. She said, “For us, doing branded content is a brand-building and affinity exercise. It’s not a space to fetch sales or leads.”