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Ventes Avenues, the mobile ad-tech company is now venturing into the creator economy with its latest influencer marketing vertical, Social Tweebs.

The vertical will assist brands to scale up their business with authentic creator-led content and optimise 20%-50% of their influencer marketing spending, said the company.

As per reports, access to reliable analytics for measuring the effectiveness of campaign performance remains a challenge, with only 40% of brand marketing leaders having easy access to accurate influencer-marketing metrics. Consequently, nearly one-third (29%) face challenges in persuading upper management about the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

Fauzan A Rahim, Co-Founder of Social Tweebs, commented "Millions of people are making a living monetizing their passion and creativity, going forward our enhanced search capabilities will make the discovery of creators and their content easier for brands while empowering the flourishing influencer economy,"

Social Tweebs has recently introduced a new search feature that addresses real-time creator discovery issues using AI and machine learning-led technology.

By expanding searches to related terms and emojis used by creators in their bios and captions, marketers can organically discover influencers who resonate with new or niche target audiences, leading to increased brand reach, engagement, and conversions.

Aniket Shah, the Business Head of Social Tweebs, said, “Data-driven decision-making is the key to unlocking the full potential of influencer marketing. With advanced insights and enhanced search capabilities, Social Tweebs empowers brands to navigate the dynamic influencer landscape and shape the future of brand collaborations.”