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Keeping in mind the power of user-generated content, online beauty marketplace Nykaa recently launched Nykaa Network, an interactive platform where subscribers can chat with other beauty buffs, ask and answer beauty-related questions, give and seek advice, discover trends and join conversations on topics of their interest.

The platform was launched in mid-March and by the end of June, it crossed 200,000 subscribers with about 13,000 signing up every week.

Madhavi Irani

Talking about the success of the platform, Madhavi Irani, Chief Content Officer, Nykaa, said, “The network subscriber base is a highly engaged cohort, as evidenced by their interactions with the website. The average order value of Network customers is 7.8% higher than an average non-Network customer. Our data suggests that monthly visits of Nykaa Network customers are 17% higher than non-subscribers.”

The content generated or created on the network is fully authentic without any intention to promote other brands and Nykaa itself. Irani said, “There is no effort to push brand agenda or promote specific brands. Today more than 85% of all answers on the Network are organic and there are twice as many answers as questions. The brands are seeing the benefits, thanks to user-generated advocacy and conversations.”

Currently, the platform has 100 super users who have written over 1,000 answers each in response to queries from fellow network members.

The quality of user-generated content for any brand shows the love of its consumers. Zomato, Expedia and Airbnb are a few names that have made the most out of its user-generated content, especially in the times when there are innumerable paid bloggers and plethora of branded content happening around.

Irani said, “UGC has become the most vital element of an integrated content marketing strategy, and is the best way of allowing your most passionate customers become your brand advocates, and build communities around your products and services. Amidst the noise out there, it becomes very important to offer an authentic, unbiased point of view that presents the real picture. Most importantly, it empowers your stakeholders, making them an important part of the conversation, with the power to make (or break) your brand.”

The Network platform has been designed in a way that subscribers can join groups to discover content tailored to their interests, and chat with like-minded people. Nykaa Network is divided into nine broad categories, including makeup, skincare, haircare, bridal, beauty and personal care with multiple dropdowns, making it easy for people to follow larger categories or smaller subcategories of their choosing.

As part of its content strategy, Nykaa first launched a blog on the website and then went on creating the Nykaa YouTube channel. The Nykaa Network is the third launch by the online beauty platform as part of its content marketing strategy.

Explaining the insight behind launching the Nykaa Network, Irani said, “We believe our audience was ready to engage on a platform where they could talk about all things beauty to other like-minded beauty buffs, and even get responses from the nationally acclaimed makeup, hair and skin experts. A platform where they could share photos of their favourite looks and products or a prized family beauty tip. Our aim was to create an open line of communication between fellow shoppers so that Nykaa loyalists could get the most out of shopping and make more informed product choices.”