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Perfluence, an influencer marketing platform, has come up with effective algorithms for driving business results from influencer marketing campaigns. Many people tend to distrust bloggers as they believe the outcomes of influencer marketing initiatives are not on a par with the investments made. Nevertheless, the market for this form of marketing tends to grow. In 2020, 4% of brands had separate budgets, while in 2021, 59% allocated resources to influencer advertising. This results in more money, more expensive integrations and less trust.

Data-driven results from influencer marketing achieved are based on the analytics of 2.70 lakh bloggers, 7.89 lakh published posts and two million CPA clicks to global clients.

Perfluence is a performance-influence marketing platform working with bloggers using the CPA (cost per action) model. Within just two years, Perfluence has built partnerships with more than 170k bloggers on YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, Vk, TikTok, Yandex Zen and Twitch. The company is trusted by their 120+ global clients such as Domino’s, KFC, L'oréal, AliExpress, iHerb, Ozon, X5 Retail Group, Yandex services, World of Tanks, etc.

To help businesses get the best out of their influencer marketing campaigns, Perfluence has figured out workable algorithms that guarantee 100% results. These include:

- Working with micro-influencers. They might have no more than 10K followers but their content is more trusted.

- Checking every blogger out. Doing some research on their statistics, content quality, engagement rates, comments, followers and who they follow. This information will let you understand whether the collaboration is going to be fruitful or not.

- Letting the influencer create content. Followers associate themselves with him/her. That’s why the blogger knows better how to promote a product more effectively.

- Establishing long-term cooperation with the blogger. Pay for sales, not ads. Come up with a strategy when a blogger is interested in followers, requests and purchases.

- Embracing negative comments. Sometimes people don’t read posts, they just comment because of their bad mood. Consider constructive comments and delete insults.

The analysis has been worked out based on the AI algorithm of and the automatically generated reports are sent to clients globally. The company said that by using its algorithms, Perfluence has helped Aliexpress to acquire 113k new clients, iHerb achieved 55k sales, and Domino’s garnered 12k new clients, so far.

Kirill Pyzhov, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Perfluence, said, “In a highly competitive digital space, brands are required to be more innovative and find new ways of reaching out to their intended audience. The boom in smartphone sales and greater internet penetration has given brands a free way to tap into new target consumers, anytime and anywhere. But, as was expected, the rise in pop-up and in-app ads started to turn audiences off. This gave way to ad-blocks, which left the marketers high and dry. What was needed was a non-intrusive branding tool that could capture users’ attention and prompt them to hit the ‘buy’ button. This is where influencer marketing came in. Though it gave positive results, over time marketers started growing disillusioned with the whole idea of tapping bloggers due to more investments and less-than-satisfactory returns. To ramp things up, what is currently needed is more focus on micro-bloggers who would have a fresh take on their content, which would draw attention from more people. And for this purpose, we have worked on these algorithms that are bound to bring in positive results for brands.''

All in all, influencer marketing is here to stay. In an age rampant with ad blockage and lack of faith in brand messaging, influencer advertising has become key to maximising brand reach and building brand authenticity.