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Flipkart recently announced the launch of social commerce on its independent value platform 2GUD. The social commerce feature will allow users to have an uninterrupted video shopping experience with their favourite influencers showcasing the latest fashion trends, reviewing gadgets, sharing beauty tips and so much more. To do so, the brand has strategically decided to collaborate with nano and micro-influencers over well-established renowned macro-influencers.

Chanakya Gupta, Head of 2GUD, Flipkart, believes that nano and micro-influencers have a better engagement and connection with their followers. “As we progress, our aim is to ultimately democratise the platform and make it accessible to any individual who wishes to open their storefront on 2GUD and influence their peers and followers through their curated set of products and trends.”

Social commerce has already made inroads and accounts for 15-20% of the online retail market today, with an expectation to hit the $70 billion mark in the coming decade, according to industry reports. Influencers play a huge role in social commerce. “Influencers are also changing the landscape of online retail and bringing greater opportunities for social commerce platforms in India. With millions of followers across the country, they have the potential to impact a consumer’s buying decisions,” Gupta said.

These nano and micro-influencers are well connected with tier 2 and 3 cities consumers and understand their behaviour well. Gupta said that micro and nano-influencers have a deeper understanding of the latest trends and consumer psyche for their specific geographies. “This creates a natural opportunity when it comes to helping our consumers feel comfortable and confident to shop on 2GUD. We aim to leverage their credibility and reach in providing a reliable source of information and enhancing engagement.”

He said, “To bridge the gap between trust and style deficit that currently exists in these smaller cities,  influencers will help the buyers by giving them first-hand feedback on gadgets, styling and fashion tips and provide a credible source of information.”

Consumers on 2GUD’s social commerce platform will be exposed to a feed of videos made by a hand-picked influencer network across various topics and categories. These influencers will curate their favourite products as part of their collection in the virtual store, allowing consumers to witness their styling journeys across categories. It will also allow consumers to shop products that are part of the video, without moving away from the video interface, leading to a seamless, natural and content-to-commerce experience.

Talking about the objective Flipkart’s 2GUD wants to achieve with social commerce, Gupta said, “With the launch of the social commerce capabilities on the 2GUD app, we aim at solving the trust and style deficit for our target customer segment—the next 200mn e-commerce shoppers. The idea is to provide customers with a video shopping experience where top influencers are reviewing gadgets, latest fashion trends, giving beauty tips and so much more while the customers can shop the products tagged in those videos simultaneously.”

On the website, the influencers will curate their favourite products and make collections in their virtual store. Shoppers can follow these influencers, check out what they like and how they wear their style across categories and complete their journey by shopping these products.

Starting with the launch of social commerce on its app, 2GUD will further expand this feature to its m-site and website. 2GUD caters to more than 600+ verticals across new value-driven offerings and existing refurbished product segments. The platform has more than a million customers spanning across 15,000+ pin-codes in India.