Why should brands drive social commerce using influencers and creators?

Prerna Goel, Co-founder and CMO of WhizCo, writes about how making influencers and creators an integral part of their social commerce strategy is a great way to ensure that brands can reach out to their audience in an effective way

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Prerna Goel

The year 2022, has been a game changer vis a vis technology and the digital age. Social commerce, a recent trend in the world of online commerce, is another by-product of this dynamic digital age.

Social commerce is the efficient use of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online communities, etc to promote and sell goods and services of various brands. Social commerce allows the merchant to sell products directly through different social media platforms and attract potential customers to interact with brands and make relevant purchases as per their tastes and sensibilities. Social commerce almost offers a very personalised experience wherein people can buy or avail services by trusting the brand and their storytelling which could be through the different influencers and creators. 

The world today is in the palm of our hands wherein everything is just a click away. Our mobile phones today have helped us streamline our process of buying and selling very easily, this is where the phenomenon of social commerce steps in as it is a very accessible medium catering to a mass audience. More and more brands have realised the potential of social commerce and using creators and influencers to make the best out of their social commerce strategy.

The millennials today are impulsive buyers, and our buying needs and patterns today make social media a very powerful tool to earn revenue. Targeting these users where they are present online the most with the help of people (creators and influencers) they love and follow is an excellent way to drive revenue and reach a wider audience.

The daily content of different brands allows the users to have an almost experiential comfort with the product the brand is selling. This brand awareness is then fuelled by ‘influencer marketing, a new age phenomenon where customers trust creators and influencers (not necessarily big celebrities) but micro or nano influencers that are authentic and relatable to a certain audience. The trust built between a category of influencers and its audience will drive more traffic and help brands gain traction on their social media pages hence helping them secure potential buyers.

Brands today are hiring creators, which can target specific target audiences. For example, audiences above the age of 35, are likely to be more active on Facebook and so brands curate content in that particular fashion. Social commerce will succeed only when brands look at different demographic segments so that they can meet the needs of the targeted audience. The attention span of users today in this day and age is very short, thus to give the customers a seamless buying experience is very important.

Influencers are good at convincing and persuading their audience and influencing their behavior. Brands can use this power to drive social commerce and use a mix of influencers from various platforms such as to reach their audience and sell their products,

It is also a wise strategy to use influencers and creators to drive social commerce. According to Forbes, more than 84% of Gen Z and Millennials have agreed that they have purchased something after being influenced by a creator or influencer and that user-generated content from these creators does have some influence on how they spend their money and shop things. Thus, by making these influencers and creators an integral part of their social commerce strategy to promote their products is a great way to ensure that you’re reaching out to your audience in an effective way.

Creators and Influencers help curate content that can help brands drive relevant traffic to their social media pages and have a fruitful collaborative experience that will help both the brands and creators reach a wider audience. Creators are becoming official sponsors of content being put out by brands and earning money which also helps them create their own individual brands to a large extent. The nano influencers also tend to have a greater impact since the audience finds them relatable and their lifestyle seems to fit well with what we experience in our daily lives too.

Influencers are reliable and carry efficient messaging of the brand. We trust the influencer community because they are credible and the audience tends to follow their recommendation because most creators today are unfiltered and candid about their life and story. The power dynamics have completely reversed, today influencers carry a lot of power to change a particular narrative and brands need them now more than ever so that their messaging and awareness reaches a wider audience and increases engagement and revenue. 

Thus, it won’t be an understatement to say that by incorporating social commerce and using influencers and creators to drive social commerce, brands can definitely take their business to the next level.

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