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Zefmo Media, an influencer marketing firm, has launched its influencer search platform, christened as "Zefmo One" -

Zefmo Media has priced Zefmo One at Rs 9,999 (inclusive of GST) per month (introductory offer).

Zefmo One has functionalities such as advanced influencer search, allowing marketers to narrow down their search using various criteria like location, age, follower count, niche, engagement rate, etc.

Additionally, the search presets feature enables users to save and reuse common search parameters, enhancing efficiency. The platform also incorporates Google Login Integration for a secure and straightforward login experience.

The platform aims to revolutionise how brands and agencies interact with the creator economy. With Zefmo One, users can access a database of over 4 million profiles, utilising the search functionality that boasts over 130 data points to help identify the deal collaboration.

Zefmo One also provides insights, including statistics, engagement, and growth data for creators, categories, and competing brands.

Shudeep Majumdar

Shudeep Majumdar, Co-founder and CEO of Zefmo, shared, "Our aim was to develop a platform that enhances the capability and productivity of marketers in identifying and collaborating with influencers. With Zefmo One, not only have we engineered a user-friendly and comprehensive solution, but we also present one of the world's most affordable subscription plans. We believe that this platform is set to revolutionize the influencer marketing landscape," Majumdar proudly announced.