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Diksha Arora, an interview coach, while highlighting the role of content creators in the evolving digital economy said that she envisions the digital economy as a vast realm powered by technology and online platforms. She emphasised the significant role of creators who add vibrancy by crafting engaging content and generating revenue through ads, subscriptions and sponsorships.

Arora has guided thousands of candidates to secure positions in top companies. In the latest episode of Spotlight, she delved into the strategies employed to maintain the relevance and alignment of training content with prevailing industry trends. The discussion encompassed the educational and entertainment dimensions of short-form content, the digital economy’s role and a spectrum of other engaging subjects.

“I completed my law degree at Delhi University and excelled in my studies. Law has always held a special place in my heart, and I was among the top students in my law college. After practising law for two years, I felt a strong passion for teaching, which I believe I inherited from my mother, a dedicated educator with over 35 years of experience,” Arora said.

Growing up in an environment where she witnessed her mother's teaching abilities, Arora realised her own teaching potential.

"During this time, I recognised the urgent need to assist students in preparing for interviews. I used to observe the nervousness and anxiety my friends experienced during college placements but somehow I was always confident and excited about interviews, knowing how to present myself effectively. Through my legal practice, I honed essential skills such as communication, presentation and orientation, which are crucial for lawyers, particularly in litigation. It was this journey that led me to decide to start teaching students and help them prepare for their interviews," Arora added.

Speaking about the role of content creators in the evolving digital economy, Arora said that she sees a vast terrain propelled by technology and online platforms.

“Creators play a pivotal role in this landscape, not only by crafting informative and engaging content but also by generating revenue through diverse channels such as ads, subscriptions and sponsorships. Their contributions infuse vitality into the digital economy, making their impact substantial,” she added.

Discussing how the creator economy is transforming commerce through concepts like social commerce and influencer marketing, Arora noted a significant shift in promotional strategies.

“In the past, when a product or service was launched, conventional methods like online ads and posters were the go-to choices for businesses. However, the rapidly expanding creator economy has led brands to prefer influencer marketing. This shift is remarkable because, when a brand collaborates with the right influencer, it can access a precisely targeted audience that is unattainable through any other advertising medium,” Arora said.

“The entire landscape of promotions has undergone a significant transformation. Brands are now experiencing remarkable results when they collaborate with influencers who have the right target audience. This shift is undoubtedly moving in a positive direction,” she added.

Speaking about current content trends, Arora said that in my niche, she does not adhere to Instagram's popular trends, such as using specific music or dance moves for viral content.

“My content is primarily educational, so I focus on staying aligned with industry trends. I ensure that the interview questions and content I share on my channel are in sync with the current standards and developments within the industry. This approach allows me to maintain the relevance of my content,” she added.

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