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Mansi Ugale has become a popular face on social media for her self portrait photography and videography. In addition, she has been making aesthetically pleasing content around fashion, beauty and lifestyle as well. 

During the sixth episode of ‘Spotlight’, Ugale spoke about the lack of initial aspirations to become a creator. Instead, she stumbled upon her passion by capturing images of herself and sharing them on social media, only to discover that her photography resonated with people and garnered genuine admiration. Later on, she branched out and also started making content around beauty and fashion.

"During the period of the Covid-19 lockdown, my photographs really took off on social media. I consistently shared photography-related content on a daily basis, which sparked a wave of people recreating my ideas. Consequently, my content began to go viral," Ugale said. 

She went on to say that it became apparent that the outfits and makeup she chose for her self-portraits played a crucial role in capturing people's attention. This led Ugale to delve into creating content centred around fashion and styling as well. 

Ugale said, "As creators start securing brand deals, there is a tendency to get carried away. However, I gradually realised the responsibility I held towards my followers when endorsing brands."

Therefore, she emphasised that she exercises discretion and only promotes products and services that align with her values and resonate with her audience.

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