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In the year gone by, just like a drop in the ocean, BuzzInContent tried to add value to the growth of content marketing in the country by discussing issues related to content marketing, talking to content marketers to enlighten our readers, brought in guest articles from experts in the domain and shared the news that was buzzing in the content marketing field.

So, BuzzInContent decided to rewind and review its most read and shared articles in the year 2018 and compile them for the ease of our readers.

Terribly Tiny Tales’ Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer Chintan Ruparel had to step down from his role yesterday following allegations against him related to the #MeToo movement in the media and entertainment industry. The allegations were made on a Medium blogs here and here that had details of the alleged sexual encounter between the writer and Ruparel. This news was the most shared on the platform.

As ‘content marketing' became a buzzword in India in recent times, most brands left no stone unturned to embark on the content path. This story is a compilation of BuzzInContent’s list of favourite content marketing campaigns that will inspire the brands to do more of it in 2019.

In a guest post, Asif Upadhye, the Co-founder, Director and Story Teller at Yellow Seed, wrote on how good content can perform well only when supported with an equally good marketing strategy. Create engaging content but build a plan that promotes it well.

In an interview, Ayadassen spoke about the potential of content marketing, why Reuters got into this field and the usual mistakes brands make while undertaking content marketing campaign. He said, “Content marketing strategies are not just about bypassing the ad-blockers, but connecting consumers with information in an appealing and engaging way.”

In the interview, the Chief Revenue Officer of MissMalini Entertainment talked about their content offering and measurement. He also said that marketers should first focus on brand building and then expect sales leads while undertaking the content marketing route.

Puneet Anand, Sr. General Manager and Group Head, Marketing, explained how in the last two to three years, the auto major had been spending more than half of its digital budget on content creation. He said, “Content is where our focus is and in the last two to three years, we have been spending heavily on creating content through various sources, including Innocean’s content marketing team. We want to be a content-rich platform because today content is the king. Even if you look at our corporate PR, we are creating content there. We are also creating content from the ATL and ground activity. Everything is focused on creating content.”

Today brands tend to create shareable memes and viral videos that can integrate brand-related messages. But the task is not that easy. It requires skill and if not done the right way, brands can face hurdles. Harpreet Bajwa, Co-founder of RVCJ Media, wrote about some of the challenges while creating memes in the article.

As consumers are not taking a shine to traditional advertising and avenues of brands to grab attention are narrowing down, content marketing is gradually evolving as a deliverable medium. But because of lack of measurability, a lot of brands are not going full throttle on it. Ending the marketers' confusion, compiles a list of tools that can be used to measure effectiveness of content marketing.

As content marketing becomes need of the hour for marketers in a digital era, print in India is already providing much more effective solutions to brands. The medium is playing to its strengths that include trust, credibility and deep reach to deliver results. In this story, BuzzInContent explored various facets of content marketing in print.

As video is being increasingly seen as the most preferred way to win a consumer’s mind and grab attention, brands are increasingly betting bigger on OTT platforms among the available video platforms. Brands spare no medium to reach out to consumers and with the advent of OTT platforms, they have got a new means to communicate. In the story, BuzzInContent analysed if OTT platforms are just another medium to put content or if they can actually provide real scale and reach to the content initiatives of brands.